Hamster Food List

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One of the most important things all pet owners should always consider is the diet of their critters. The foods and treats that we feed our animals have a direct impact on their overall health. As we know that some foods and treats can be beneficial for the life of our pets, there are some that can be harmful. It is crucial that we learn the differences between food that is good for our small fluffs and food that is bad for them.

In the case of our toothy friends, their diet has to be plentiful and varied. Achieving the perfect balance of different kinds of foods is the best way to go to preserve their health and make their lives longer and better. Hamsters have to eat pellets and seeds in combination of occasional treats like nuts, meal worms and other suitable proteins. Ideally, they also have to consume small amounts of fresh fruits like tomatoes and currants, vegetables like lettuce and broccoli and herbs like parsley and fennel. One food that is completely natural and very good for the health of your toothy fluff is Timothy Hay.

Timothy Hay

One great Timothy Hay option for your hamsters is the Nibble&Gnaw Second Cut Box. Mind you, the second cut of the hay is softer, which makes it ideal for hamsters. This great package of 100% Natural ingredients delivers a nutritionally packed food that is high in fiber. This protects our fluff balls from digestive problems and brings them back to their nature as they consume a product that comes straight from the earth and into their tummies. Other than providing all the nutritional benefits, Timothy Hay also keeps their teeth healthy.

hamster food list

Sunflower Seeds for Hamsters

When it comes to the primary item in the diet of little critters like hamsters, seeds take a leading role. The toothy fluff balls love sunflowers seeds the most. A great choice of seeds is the Chandra Whole Foods brand. Sunflower seeds promotes a long life of sustainable eating habits that benefit in great ways. Packed with Vitamin E, Magnesium and other vitamins, these seeds provide your hamster with all the nutrition that it needs to lead a healthy, happy life inside their home.

Hamster Mix

If you want one pre-mixed pack to ensure that your hamster is receiving all the nutrition that it needs, the Harry Hamster Tasty Mix offered by Supreme Petfoods Store is a smart solution. This nutritionally balanced mix includes great sources of nutrients like maize, oats, peas, sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans and other minerals and oils. In addition to promoting dental wear, this food encourages their natural foraging behavior and it enhances their digestive health.

hamster tasty mix

Hamster Treats

Now, It is important to know that active critters like hamsters also need the inclusion of treats and chews every now and then. They help them curve boredom and consume foods that they can’t eat on the daily, but that are still beneficial to their overall health. A great accessory to provide your hamster with tasty treats is the Rosewood Hide ‘n’ Treat Chain. You can hide pieces of vegetables, fruits, or chunks of their favourite treats between the logs so that they can crunch of the edible wood along with the tasty surprise for hours of enjoyment.

hamster food list

Raisins were my hamster Benji’s absolute favourite. I used to buy the little boxes of sun maid raisins for him like this….

raisins for hamsters

Hamster Cookies

For the toothy fluffs that have a carnivorous taste, the Rosewood Shrimp Cookies is a terrific choice. These wholemeal cookies are made with seeds and nuts, with the extra ingredient of shrimp for a tasty treat. Little critters like hamster thoroughly enjoy crunchy treats full of tasty flavour like this one!

hamster food list

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What can and can’t my Hamster Eat?

It’s also important to understand what your hamster cannot eat. Certain foods are not ideal for hamsters, such as chocolate, beans and almonds. You might find these articles useful on what you can and cannot feed your hamster:

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