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There’s a surprising variety in the prices of hamster cages. You have options that are huge, gorgeous, and a little bit nicer than some people’s houses; or you can find something quite basic that should keep your hamster occupied and inside. Then there’s everything in between! With so many choices, it’s normal to feel slightly lost at times, which is why we’ve put together a collection of our favourite cages to keep your hamster safe, happy and entertained. 

How Much is a Hamster Cage?

You can really spend anything from around £20 on a small simple cage right up to a few hundred pounds for an extra large cage with tunnels and cleaning trays. The great thing about being a hamster owner is that it is not an expensive pet. You can spend as much or as little as you can afford.

What to look out for when Shopping for a Hamster Cage

There are a few things you should look out for when shopping for hamster cages. There are three brands that make sturdy, reliable cages, and they are Ferplast, Hamster Heaven and Kaytee. Cages are often made of a variety of materials including metals and plastic, but you can also find some that look a little like fish tanks. These are called vivariums. Any of these can be a great choice: it’s finding what works best for you and your space. Some cages also have ‘tiers’ or ‘stories’ where the hamster has access to different levels. This allows them to explore and find interesting things, and it also gives them the opportunity to separate out their eating, sleeping and toileting. They like to do this, and it makes their cages easier to clean. 

Top Picks for Hamster Cages

Here are our top picks for hamster cages for a low budget, mid range and luxurious hamster cage.

Budget Hamster Cages

Ferplast Hamster Cage

budget hamster cages

Our first budget cage is not flashy. This Ferplast hamster cage is, however, practical and usable and sturdy. There’s everything your hamster will need, in an affordable, easy cage. You will be able to assemble and clean this without any hassle, and it will fit neatly into whichever space you find for it.

2. Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage

how much is a hamster cage

Our next choice is a little more complex. As any hamster-owner will tell you, hammies love to climb and explore, and have wonderfully inquisitive natures. The three tier system in this Rosewood Pico cage will allow your pet to trot around and re-organise things as they like.

3. Ferplast Fully Equipped Hamster cage

Some hamsters love to chew. It’s a pretty normal behaviour, and although we can offer them gnawing sticks and treats, they’ll always go for what they’re not supposed to. If your hamster likes metal bars, but it gets too noisy (especially at night), this cage will be perfect. It’s also extremely easy to disinfect and you can ‘wash it up’ like a plate. Plus, they won’t be able to flick food or shavings out of the cage, which can be annoying.

4. Habitrail Hamster Habitat

Habitrail Hamster Habitat

Let’s be honest: this cage doesn’t look like it should be a budget option. In fact, it’s pretty fancy for a hamster, and we think they’ll love it. There are plenty of tunnels to ‘burrow’ through, and different areas to sleep in as they like. You can modify the tubes to keep things interesting for your hamster, or you can leave it as it. Finally, this Habitrail cage is suitable for dwarf hamsters, who are often quite difficult to cage correctly as they’re so small.

5. Ferplast Hamster Combi Cage

Ferplast Hamster combi cage

This cage combines the traditional oblong-shape of a cage with the additions of tubes, tunnels and a separate area for exercise that your hamster will love. It’s also useful, because you can keep your hamster in separate parts of the cage whilst you’re cleaning it. Additionally, it’s quite big, so your hamster has a lot of room to run around even without getting in the wheel.

Mid range Hamster Cages

how much is a hamster cage

Getting something with a bit of extra space is always nice for pets. Hamsters are very energetic creatures, and although they will zoom around on their wheels, they also like to explore their cages. If you want to give them an enriched environment, you can easily do so with the additional cage space. This cage can also have tunnels and tubes connected to it if you’d like to change things. 

Luxury Hamster Cages

Little Friends Plaza

Little Friends Plaza Hamster cage

Our first luxury cage shows that you don’t have to get a giant plastic creation with endless tunnels, if you don’t want to. Simple and elegant, this cage will keep you hamster entertained with plenty of room on the ground, bars to climb and levels to ascend. 

Mid West Homes – Critterville Hamster Home

Critterville Hamster Home

Next we have this Critterville cage that’s transparent all the way around. You’ll never need to worry about spotting your hamster, and if they decide to make their nest outside of the box (which happens all the time) you’ll be able to see them sleep, which is incredibly cute.

Kaytee Critter Trail Hamster Habitat

Kaytee Critter Trail

This cage is the perfect home for a new hamster. Getting your hamster trained and used to being handled can take time, so finding a nest box that’s accessible is a great way to gently wake them up, get them out and play with your pet. There’s also lots of other fun elements to keep your hamster engaged and entertained. 

Hamster Heaven

Hamster Heaven

Our final cage is a spacious hamster heaven with a separate nesting box, tunnels, levels and room for your hamster to run around and explore a lot. It’s easy to transport and has a deep tray so you don’t get any mess on the floor. Finally, you can disassemble and move the platforms around easily to keep things fresh and new for your pet.

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