Ferplast Hamster Cage

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We all love our pets. We want to make sure they are happy, healthy, and safe. We want them to have a place not just to live but that they can truly call home. That is why here at Hamster Happy we absolutely adore this range of Ferplast hamster cages. An Italian company with over 50 years of experience helping people like us look after our furry little friends, Ferplast understands just what we are looking for and does a fantastic job of creating exactly that!

Available from big reliable companies like Amazon, Pets at Home, Zooplus and Viovet Ltd., as well as from their own online store, you know that Ferplast can be trusted to deliver high quality at affordable prices. They offer an extensive range of cages to suit everything from the smallest dwarf hamster to the biggest Syrians, you just need to decide which one is right for you. 

When you are thinking about what cage is best for your little pet, there are a few important things you need to consider. 

The first one is size. As you would expect, smaller hamsters can have smaller cages, while larger hamsters need much more room to play around and explore in. Just as important though, if you have a small hamster you need to make sure that the bars in the cage are not too far apart as they often are with larger cages, as they will be able to wriggle free and escape!

You also need to make sure your hamster has plenty of things to do and play with. This is extra important if you have an energetic breed like a Cambell’s Russian Dwarf Hamster, who ideally needs not only a hamster wheel but space to burrow.

What sort of contact you are going to have with your hamster is also important. If you have a friendly hamster breed that likes to be handled you want to make sure you have easy access, while if you have for example a Chinese Dwarf Hamster that does not like being handled very much this will not matter so much, but you will want to make sure you can still stay close and have fun with them so a cage with lots of visibility is perfect.

Finally, you need to think about what your cage is made out of. Wooden cages are beautiful and absolutely ideal for a furry friend that doesn’t chew on things too much, but if you have a hamster that tends to bite whatever it sees, it may end up gnawing through a wooden cage in no time. Meanwhile a glass or plastic cage rather than metal wiring may be right for you if you need to reduce noise or have a particularly loud hamster.

With all that in mind we have selected our favourite Ferplast hamster cages for whatever your need, what they are good for and which hamsters they are not suited to, all so you don’t have to.

What is the best Ferplast Hamster Cage?

10. Ferplast Criceti 9 Hamster Cage

Ferplast Hamster cage

At just £25.75 this little cage is the cheapest on our list and for value you really can’t do much better. While definitely not suited to larger or more energetic hamsters a smaller, calmer one can comfortably make its home here. This is especially true if you play with your hamster outside of the cage a lot, so it is not as important for them to have quite so much space.

Alternatively this cage is just perfect as a backup if your main cage breaks or while you are cleaning it, it is much better to have a backup and not need it than need it and not have it!

9. Ferplast Plastic Cage for Hamsters and Mice Mini Duna Hamster Two-Storey Small Animal Cage

Ferplast hamster cages

This fun little cage for £40.49 is perfect for a small hamster that doesn’t always enjoy being played with, but still needs lots of things to keep it entertained. With two stories and a wheel there is lots of fun to be had while the see-through plastic design will let you enjoy your furry friend without disturbing it. This design also keeps this cage a lot quieter than some of the other offerings and so if that is important to you look no further. 

8. Ferplast Combi 1 Hamsters and Small Rodents Cage

Ferplast Hamster cage

Just looking at this £44.05 cage you can instantly see why it is a top choice for pets and owners alike. As with the previous cage the Combi 1 is perfect for small hamsters that enjoy playing by themselves but not so much being held, while the outside tunnel adds a whole new level of fun interaction. While not big enough for a larger breed by itself, this cage can be attached with tunnels to others of the same kind or a bigger main cage. In this way you can expand it out to suit a cuddly companion of any size!

7. Ferplast Circus Fun Three Floors Cage for Hamsters

circus fun cage for hamsters

Wow. Just wow. This circus themed cage is just bursting with exciting colours and things to do. With a whopping three stories if you have a hamster that just won’t sit still this cage is perfect for you. Although too small for the larger breeds, at £51.90 this fun cage is definitely something you should take a look at for smaller hamsters.

6.  Ferplast Plastic Cage for Hamsters Duna FUN Three-Storey Small Animal Rodents Cage

Ferplast Hamster cage

Moving up the sizes now this three-story cage for £62.45 if big enough for medium sized hamsters, while still being secure enough for even the smallest furry friend. This hamster cage is not only great fun for your pet but is also the easiest cage to clean we have found. With removable trays and easy to take apart, save yourself time and effort with this convenient cage. 

5. Ferplast Hamster Tris Cage

Ferplast Hamster cage

Another medium-large offering, this three-story cage is great for its visibility. With this white cage you will always be able to see exactly what your companion is up to, while still keeping them safe and secure. Pick it up for only £65.79 today.

4. Ferplast FSC Wooden Cage for Hamsters

Ferplast wooden cage for hamsters

The first cage on our list really suited for large hamsters such as the Syrian, this beautiful 4 storied wooden cage not only has plenty of room for your pet to play, but also a nice floor for it to dig. This is often essential for the larger breeds and will make sure your beloved pet stays happy and content 24/7. The only issue you may face is that if your hamster does enjoy chewing things the wooden design is not ideal, and you may find yourself needing a new one all too quickly. If your hamster doesn’t though, this £80.42 cage could be the one for you. 

3. Ferplast Modular Hamster Cage Duna Space

Ferplast Modular Hamster Cage Duna Space

Though not quite big enough for the largest breeds if you have a Chinese Dwarf Hamster or any that loves to dig you can’t do much better than this option from Ferplast. Unmatched for visibility with a deep see through floor for digging and plenty of tubes for playing, this cage really delivers. For £108.61 you can get the absolute perfect home for your playful friend.

2. Ferplast Cage for Hamsters and Mice KARAT 60

Ferplast hamster cages

If you are looking for an allrounder, look no further than this absolutely fantastic cage. Not quite big enough for a Syrian unlike its larger version taking our number 1 spot, for any smaller hamster you can’t beat this cage that has everything. Room to play, visibility to look in, security, a good space to dig, this cage really does have everything. In fact, we have struggled to find anything to complain about at all for this fantastic option for £139.40 and have to say it is well worth the slightly higher price. 

1. Ferplast Cage for Hamsters and Mice KARAT 80

Ferplast Cage for Hamsters and Mice KARAT 80

This is a whopper! Offering everything its smaller option at number two, just with more space, you would be hard pressed to find a better home for even the largest hamster. At £179.73 it is the most expensive cage on our list, but if you want to give your hamster the best home you possibly can, we can’t find anything better than this world class Ferplast cage.

If somehow you have looked through all these and still can’t find the cage for you however though do not worry! Head over to our look at the Hamster Heaven Cage for a colourful alternative that will definitely perk your interest! You may also enjoy this guide to buying an easy to clean hamster cage.

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