Habitrail Maze

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Nature is outstandingly beautiful. The way that the world flows and grows naturally displays such beauty and true purpose. A better understanding about the world around us will heavily influence the health of any living creature. That being said, when it comes to our lovely rodent friends, their nature is magnified within every action, every nibble and every behavior. In the wild, hamsters live in underground tunnels that they dig out. The intricate designs of these tunnels help them feel safer in the world as they create a home where no predators can ever get to. The way that they live and traverse through a Habitrail Maze speaks for their playful and purposeful nature.

Habitrail Maze – Best to Buy Online

That being said, there are mazes that are built by men, for hamsters. We, the humans, know that our little fluff balls feel safer, better and happier inside these mazes of squiggly, tight tunnels. That’s why considering adding a maze to your hamster’s cage is one of the kindest actions you can perform over your most loved pet.

Habitrail Maze Hamster Cages

The Habitrail OVO Home Edition

Some of these man made creations have suitable living conditions for your hamsters. The carefully designed mazes are produced after the rigorous study of their natural environments and modelled to imitate them in a way that is most functional and beneficial for them and their health. The Habitrail OVO Home Edition contains elements such as a water bottle, a food bowl and even an exercise wheel to combine the knowledge humans have to better the lives of your hamsters while making them feel like they are back in the ground, where they live in nature. This maze can be used as a full time cage as well as an addition to a bigger, more intricate tunnel composed of different inserts and various pieces.

Habitrail Maze

Habitrail OVO Habitat Cage

The Habitrail OVO Habitat Cage is another great example of science that marries perfectly with nature. This time, in a much bigger scale. Your toothy pet will feel at home inside the walls of this maze while they are stimulated by the design of this intricate tunnel. This cozy hideaway is easy to clean and completely escape proof. A cage like this one promotes the betterment of your hamster’s health through encouraging their instinctual behaviour to come out in an environment you can control and regulate to make sure that they’re well taken care of. 

Habitrail maze hamster cage

Habitrail OVO Adventure pack

Habitrail’s OVO Adventure Pack is a great addition to a hamster’s cage. The best part about these mazes is that they are modular, meaning that you can add more pieces so that they feel better and safer inside their home.

Habitrail OVO Mini Maze

A good complement to any tunnel is the Habitrail OVO Mini Maze, as it adds that dynamic, interactive element of the sliding doors. 

Habitrail OVO Mini Maze

Habitrail Mini Maze

If you’re unsure about these cage alternatives and inserts, but still want to give your rodent the opportunity to experience a maze. Or if you want to put its skills to the test and train it with treats and smells, the Habitrail Mini Maze is a great option for you. Engage in playful fun with your hamster and test its capabilities while stimulating their little minds and their little legs to move around in a purposeful, fun manner.

Habitrail Mini Maze

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