Hamster Ladders

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The cages of our hamsters are much more than just a cage, it is their home. Pet owners should prioritize the quality of their homes so that the fluff balls can have a better and happier life. Other than the basic necessities like their food tray, their water bottle and their exercise wheel, it is important to add different elements such as hamster ladders to make their cages more entertaining and fun so that they can find their living space enjoyable. Plus, adding different things will better their lives overall by facilitating exercise and increasing their activity levels. 

There are many different toys and accessories that can be included in their cages to make them more fun. One of the best items that you can add are the Hamster Ladders. Those little toothy balls of fluff love climbing and going up ladders in their constant aimless exploration. In addition to providing interactive fun and dynamism, the ladders can also double as a decorative piece, making their cages look not only fun, but adorable, too! 

Hamiledyi Suspension Platform

hamster ladders

A perfect example of one of these toys that is functional and decorative at the same time is the Hamiledyi Suspension Platform. Made with 100% natural wood, this colorful bridge is designed to satisfy your pet’s instinct to explore offering a surface where they can have a total mountaineering experience. This toy can also be bent in many different shapes according to the preference of the owner and fluff and the shape of their cages. 

Trixie Natural Living Bridge

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For a style that is more sober and less colorful, but decorative and functional all the same, the Trixie Natural Living Bridge is a great choice. This accessory is made with real beech wood and is not toxic for their nibbly appetites. Owners may shape the bridge into whatever position they want and add it to the cages of their fluffs for many hours of climbing over and crawling under!

Trixie Hanging Bridge

hamster bridge

A more adventurous, complex alternative is the Trixie Hanging Bridge. This accessory provides a whole sensory experience to the little toothy fluffs. With many textures and places to climb, the wooden ladder in combination of the bridge and the ropes makes it easy to have a big adventure in a small space!

Rosewood Animal Activity Toy

hamster cargo net

In the case of cages with limited space, the Rosewood Small Animal Activity Toy is perfect. This toy is made entirely of cotton rope and comes with metal clips that allow it to be attached to any cage. You can use it as it or combine it with one of the bridges to make a more intricate version of the toy. This gentle rope net helps prevent overgrown nails and provides a world of fun at the same time!

Prevue Hendryx Hamster Ladder

hamster ladders

To call upon the elements of nature and merge two worlds together, adding the Prevue Hendryx Ladder is a great idea. This brand of toys provides products that are handmade from 100% natural materials, making it more sustainable than the toys made of plastic. The rugged texture of the ladder and the ropes make it easier for your hamster to climb and hang from the rope so that they can satisfy that longing for adventure and exploration. It also looks really cool inside their cage!

Trixie Wooden Ladder

wooden hamster ladder

If you aren’t into these wide arrange of ladders and want a straightforward version of the toy, the Trixie Wooden Ladder is for you. Made with real wood, the ladder is textured to facilitate the process of climbing. This simple ladder comes with a hook that will securely latch on to any cage without issue. The height of this ladder is 32cm. 

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