Hamster Tubes

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If you’re searching for the best hamster tubes online to keep your furry little friend occupied and feeling safe, then this is the guide for you.

Hamster tubes are an important accessory to include in every hamster’s cage, although they are also perfect for your hamster’s playpen. Tubes and tunnels provide comfort to your hammy by giving them a place to hide, but they also allow for a bigger area of exploration and therefore encourages your hamster to up their step count. We all know that in the wild hamster’s often walk miles every night to explore their area. Providing a tube will encourage them to explore and walk more, while also mimicking their natural habitat. In the wild hamsters are used to navigating tunnels underground and mimicking this will make your hamster naturally feel happier and more at home. Providing a tube will prevent boredom in your hamster, a trait that can cause unhealthy behaviours to form and may lead to illnesses in your four-legged friend. Moving the tube around the hamster’s cage every so often is a good idea to prevent boredom from occurring.

Types of tube

There are many different types of tubes available to you. Some can even be homemade with the use of kitchen roll and/or toilet roll. Your choice will ultimately depends on the size of your hamster’s cage, but here are a few materials you can use; toilet roll, kitchen roll, wooden, wicker, cardboard, plastic, and fabric. All of which have different durability and different levels of exploration and adaptation. For example, some material and plastic tubes can be altered to change shape. They can also be more complex than a simple cardboard tube. 

What to look for

When buying a new tube for your hammy, you will notice that most are plastic. When buying a plastic tube, you will need to make sure that there are rungs on the floor or something in which your hamster can get a grip as flat plastic can be fairly slippy. Plastic tubes can also have restricted airflow, but they are easy to clean and durable. They also tend to be clear in colour which can be good for your enjoyment, and good in the sense that you can keep an eye on your hammy, but you need to keep in mind that if you opt for a clear tube, your hamster will need plenty other places in which it can hide and feel secure. There is a lot of variety when it comes to plastic tubes, they allow for custom construction a lot of the time. This means that you can keep changing the structure to keep your hammy from feeling bored. 

If you opt for creating your own tube with cardboard scraps from toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, you won’t be able to provide a big structure for them to navigate. In order to keep them occupied you will need to move them around frequently so that it gives your hamster new areas to explore. You should also keep in mind that hamsters nibble on cardboard and these homemade tubes are not likely to last very long when faced with your hammy. 

hamster tubes

This is a plastic DIY structure with tubing that will allow you to keep your hamster occupied and free of boredom by easily changing the structure into different shapes. There are 94 pieces that can all be added to each other in different ways to form a variety of structures that your hammy can explore. It even has breathing vents which is good considering the breathability of plastic is not so good. The floor is also ribbed, allowing your hamster to grip easily. If you have a cage, the structure can be mounted onto the cage wall, but if not then you can sit it on the cage floor. However, having a cage will definitely be the better option for this structure as the possibilities are endless and clipping it to a cage wall will provide extra stability.

best hamster tube

This tunnel was made for going onto the outside of a hamster cage, however, it may also sit nicely on the floor of your hamster’s cage. It is made from plastic and is therefore durable and easily cleaned. There are breathing holes and ridges to add to the safety of the product. The structure can also be expanded if you buy other tubes.

hamster tunnels

A plastic DIY structure that has breathability holes and ridges to keep your hammy safe and secure. Note that this tunnel can be attached to the outside of a hamster cage, however, if you have a cage large enough then you can sit it on your hammy’s cage floor. It is also extendable by buying more parts.

hamster tubes

These tubes can be used to expand outside any CritterTrail hammy cage. They are expendable and are great for if you want to customise your hammy’s experience. It allows for plenty of change and will prevent your hammy from ever feeling bored. This product has endless possibilities that can maximise your hamster’s area, you can even connect two CritterTrail cages together through the tube system. 

wicker hamster tube

Made from natural materials, this wicker tube is perfect if you don’t have any holes on your hamster’s cage that allow for constructions to be placed on the outside. Not being see-through it is the perfect tunnel that will provide your furry friend with a safe place to explore and feel secure in.

wooden hamster tubes

Another natural option is this wooden tunnel that has many holes of access adding to your hammy’s excitement and exploration. It doubles as a chew toy that will keep your hamster healthy, being made from safe materials that will not harm your hamster. 

wooden hamster tube

Here we have a natural bamboo tunnel that is non toxic and smooth in appearance. The tunnel has a couple holes that go through the middle of the tube, allowing for extra exploration for your hammy to figure out all the different ways into and out of the tunnel. It is quite small in size so it will not take up too much room in your hammy’s cage. 

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