Do hamsters need water?

Do hamsters need water

Do hamsters need water? Absolutely – water is essential for hamsters survival whether they are in the wild or kept in captivity or as a pet. In today’s blog we talk about how to make sure that your hamster has enough water and how often you need to change it. Do hamsters need water? Yes … Read more

Hamster Sounds you will become familiar with

Hamster Sounds you will become familiar with

Hamsters are curious creatures, and it’s important to keep them entertained. Your job is to feed your hamster, exercise it, and troubleshoot when it experiences any problems. You likely will hear his funny little squeaks and other hamster sounds throughout the day. Hamsters have different types of squeaks to express how they are feeling. Hamster … Read more

Do hamsters need bedding?

Do hamsters need bedding

Hamsters are adorable! They’re little balls of fur with giant eyes and tiny legs that scamper around like mad. The question we are answering in todays hamster blog is ‘do hamsters need bedding?’ Do hamsters need bedding? I often get asked ‘do hamsters need bedding?’ and the answer is yes they do. Luckily, there are … Read more

Signs a Hamster is Dying

Signs a Hamster is Dying

If one of your hamsters is ill, you should understand its symptoms. Some signs include changes in behaviour and drinking less. If you spot any of these signs, contact your hamster’s veterinarian. Remember that although the below symptoms could be signs a hamster is dying, they may not be – your hamster may just temporarily … Read more

Do Dwarf hamsters hibernate?

Do Dwarf hamsters hibernate

Dwarf hamsters enjoy basking in the sun and running around the playground. They are playful and adventurous, and they are always up for an adventure. Dwarf hamsters are not usually known to hibernate. However, when winter arrives, many of these adorable creatures become lethargic. This may be their natural method of hibernation. Although hibernation is … Read more

Why does my hamster bite me?

Why does my hamster bite me

I often get asked ‘why does my hamster bite me? Hamsters usually have a reason to bite. Perhaps they are not used to being handled. Maybe he/she feels threatened or scared. Or maybe your hamster could bite you by mistake because he thinks that you are food! Your hamster may feel disturbed or not used … Read more

What is a Hamster Abscess?

What is a Hamster Abscess

Hamsters are playful creatures that enjoy running around and playing biting games. They’re playful and often curious, and they can be prone to abscesses. But what is a hamster abscess? And how are they treated? A hamster abscess is an inflammation of the hamster’s skin that leads to the accumulation of bacteria and excess fluid. … Read more

Do Hamsters Smell?

do hamsters smell

So you or a family member is thinking of getting a hamster? Good idea – Hamsters make great pets. But let’s answer the most important question on everyone’s mind: Do hamsters smell? I’ve owned several hamsters in my life time and I can say that they are overall very clean animals. Their cages only start … Read more

Fruit for Hamsters

Fruit for Hamsters

Fruit can be part of a healthy diet for hamsters, particularly when it’s in low quantities and consumed with other food items. Some fruits are higher in sugar than others, so make sure to keep that in mind when you’re providing them as a form of enrichment for your hamster. The article will go over … Read more

Tunnels for Hamsters

Tunnels for Hamsters

Are you looking for ways to entertain your hamster or want to know how your little bestie can play in the house without getting lost? Consider a tunnel! A tunnel is a great way to provide opportunity for exploration. Plus, it will help reduce any negative behavior like overgrooming, which often happens when they are … Read more