Hamster Sounds you will become familiar with

Hamsters are curious creatures, and it’s important to keep them entertained. Your job is to feed your hamster, exercise it, and troubleshoot when it experiences any problems. You likely will hear his funny little squeaks and other hamster sounds throughout the day. Hamsters have different types of squeaks to express how they are feeling.

Hamster sounds – Squeaking, Hissing and Chattering

The most popular sounds that your hamster will make include squeaking, chattering and hissing. Here’s what they mean….

Hamster Squeaks

  • A small high pitched squeak is usually a sign of excitement or happiness
  • A loud and prolonged squeak can indicate that they are scared of something
  • A scream indicates that they have really been startled or maybe in pain


Hamsters sometimes chatter their teeth as a way to express themselves. There are two main grinding or chattering sounds that you may hear. A chattering, teeth grinding sound means that your hamster is absolutely annoyed. However, shorter clicks, often accompanied by small squeaks can mean that your hammy is content.


A hiss made by a hamster is a warning sound – your hammy is saying ‘Hey, back off! I’m about to get violent!’ It may happen if he is poorly handled, or if you try to introduce him/her to another hammy that he does not like!

If you would like to read more about this, read this article on hamster noises and their meanings.

Other Hamster Sounds you will hear from the Cage!

There are many other hamster sounds that you will become familiar with….

  • Hamster eating and chewing her stomach/possibly digesting food.
  • Hamster grooming itself with it’s tongue (lick, lick, lick) – This is normal and natural behaviour and very cute to watch.
  • Hamster drinking water from a glass with water and a bubbler in it – very entertaining to watch!
  • Nibbling! Hamsters nibble – they may nibble on chews or even the bars on the cage. Don’t worry if they nibble a lot, because it is a natural way for them to keep their teeth health and trim.
  • Running on the hamster wheel – this is probably the most annoying of all the hamster sounds because….THEY DO IT AT NIGHT!!!! Yes, hamsters are nocturnal and they love to run on their wheel after dark. This is why it’s not a great idea to have your hamster in your bedroom, he will surely wake you up at night time doing this!

These are the sounds you will hear as a hamster owner, and you will get used to them and also start to recognise what his squeaks mean. Each hammy has their own little personality for you to get to know!

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