Hamster noises and meanings

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Hamsters make all sorts of noises. They grind their teeth, they squeak, they squeal, and sometimes they even scream! Learning what these different sounds may mean is crucial to the betterment of your pet’s life. By getting to know your hamster and the noises that it makes, you will ensure their proper care.

Hamster noises: What do they mean?

Some of the most common noises a hamster makes, along with what they mean are:

Scream – This is one of the most alarming sounds a hamster can make. If your fluff is screaming, it means that something is severely wrong. It could mean that they are in pain and it could also mean that they are absolutely terrified. A hamster’s scream is like a human scream, in the way that it is used to depict their fear.

Chatter / Click – Grinding of teeth is not to be confused with bruxing. This is a tricky sound, and you must be very mindful of the differences between one and the other, since they mean two completely different things. A chattering, teeth grinding sound means that your hamster is absolutely annoyed, while short clicks, often accompanied by short squeaks mean that your hamster is content. Recognizing which is which might be tricky, but important. 

Sneeze – A Hamster sneezing is a sign of illness. Keep a watchful eye if your hamster sneezes frequently and get immediate care if they do so. One sneeze is completely okay, but repetitive sneezes could mean that something is wrong with their respiratory system.

Cough – Similar to the sneeze, a cough is an alert that something is wrong. Picking the proper hamster bedding is key to provide it with an environment that does not impact their health in a negative manner. If your hamster coughs consistently, get immediate care.

Hiss – This is surely a bad one. In no world the hiss of a hamster is a good sign, no matter the breed or species. When a hamster hisses it means “Stay out, I’m about to get violent!”. This usually happens when the fluff is miss-handled or put into cohabitation with unwanted partners. 

Brief Squeak – A single brief squeak is usually a sign of happiness. This is a way of letting you know that they feel content. 

Sustained Squeak – A single sustained squeak is usually a sign of annoyance. Something bothered your hamster and he wanted to let it be known. 

Frequent Squeaks – If your hamster is constantly squeaking loudly and repetitively, this could mean that something is wrong. Whether they are unwell or they feel negatively about the situation that they’re currently in. If your hamster doesn’t stop squeaking at all, get a vet on the line as soon as possible. 

All in all, getting to know the personality of your hamster is key in order to understand the noises that it makes. As much as we’d love to generalize and tell you what your hamster is trying to communicate to you, we can only give you an idea by informing you what their noises usually mean, but it will vastly depend on your hamster’s playfulness and uniqueness. Pay attention to its behaviour while it produces these different sounds so you can properly translate the little sounds into proper thoughts and predictions. 

Whatever sounds your Hamster is making, it is because they want to communicate something to you, but this is not their only way to make their feelings be known. If this article was helpful for you, you will surely be interested in learning more about Hamster Body Language

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