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Celery is a something that we often associate with being a low-calorie diet food, but it actually has a number of health benefits including the fact that it is a great source of antioxidants and that it helps to reduce inflammation.

It’s not just people that can find eating celery useful, animals can also get a lot of the same health benefits.

Can hamsters have celery?

If you are a new hamster owner, you’re probably working out all of the things your hamster can or can’t eat. There are many vegetables that hamsters can eat and luckily celery is on this list! Hammies’ absolutely love gnawing on little sticks of celery and watching them do this is just about one of the cutest things you’ll ever see!

Is celery good for hamsters?

Celery is a green veggie that can provide your pet with lots of healthy nutrients and minerals which are really beneficial for them, these include:

  • Vitamin A – this helps to build a strong immune system for your hamster and assists with keeping skin healthy
  • Vitamin C – great for healthy skin, bones and blood
  • Vitamin K – helps to heal wounds and keep bones healthy
  • Antioxidants – celery is full of antioxidant nutrients which help to reduce inflammation in cells, organs and the digestive system
  • Anti-inflammatory compounds – there are more than 20 anti-inflammatory compounds in celery, which can help protect against illnesses linked to inflammation including osteoporosis and arthritis.

Whilst there are a lot of benefits to eating celery, it is worth remembering that it should still only be given in portions that are suitable for your hammie.

How much celery can I give to my hamster?

The amount of celery you give to a hamster should be a lot less than what you would eat yourself, this is because they are significantly smaller than you! As with any fruit or vegetable, moderation is key and giving your pet too much can lead to digestive issues and diarrhoea. All types of hamster can eat celery, including Syrian, Roborovski dwarf and Chinese hamsters. It is worth remembering that each of these types of hamster is a different size ad therefore their portion size you should be appropriate. You should always start your hammie off with a small portion the first time you give it to them, this is to ensure that they like celery and that it agrees with their stomach. Always consult with your vet regarding how much of any food type to give your hamster.

Where can I get celery for my hamster?

Fresh celery is usually available from anywhere that you buy fruit and vegetables. You can also have some fun by growing your own celery from seeds at home – buy celery seeds here.

Can hamsters have celery?

What other vegetables can my hamster eat?

There are a variety of vegetables and fruits that are safe for hamsters to eat and many that they will love. Why not try giving them spinach, pumpkin or raisins as a special treat to help with training and bonding with your lovely furry little friend.

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