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There are several types of hay available for hamsters, with the most common options being alfalfa, Timothy hay and clover. You’d be forgiven for thinking that these varieties share similar characteristics, but in fact some are far better for your hamster than others. While alfalfa and clover are legumes, Timothy hay is formed from grass and can be a very beneficial component of your hamster’s diet.

Is Timothy Hay Good For Hamsters?

There are many upsides to feeding Timothy hay to your hamster. Its low protein, high fibre and high energy content make it very easy to digest and it’s also an excellent source of minerals. Due to its low protein levels, it can satisfy hunger without providing too many calories and this makes it perfect for small pets such as hamsters.

So, Can Hamsters Eat Timothy Hay?

Yes they can!

It may not be the tastiest of foods for some individuals, however it’s a safe, healthy supplement that can play an important role in maintaining a balanced diet. The high fibre content aids digestive health and can be especially good to give to your hamster if they’re suffering from an upset stomach.

can hamsters eat Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is widely available, however we recommend this one and this one as two of the best options. Both come with a range of benefits for your hamsters and can be a great way to keep them happy and healthy.

How Much Timothy Hay Can I Feed My Hamster?

The good thing about Timothy hay is that your furry friend is unlikely to eat too much of it. Generally, the taste of the hay will not be the main attraction, with hamsters simply nibbling away on it as a result of their desire to chew things. For this reason, you don’t need to worry about giving your hamster too much.

Even if they enjoy the taste and are happy to munch away to their heart’s content, the low calorie content of Timothy hay means it won’t lead to any excess weight gain. Therefore it’s unlikely to lead to an overweight hamster. A good recommendation to follow is to offer your hamster Timothy hay two or three times a week, as a supplement to their regular diet.

Do Hamsters Suffer Any Side Effects From Eating Timothy Hay?

As hamsters tend to be smaller than other rodents, one thing to be aware of when providing them with Timothy hay is that they might find some parts a bit tricky to chew on. This doesn’t mean it poses any threat to your little furball, however you can make their lives easier be chopping the hay up into manageable sizes.

All hamsters are different, and there’s a chance hay might not be to your pet’s taste. If this is the case, don’t force them to eat Timothy hay, they can still maintain a healthy diet without it.

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