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Your hamster needs a varied diet with a wide diversity of foods in order to have a healthy, happy life. Because of this, hamster owners all over the world venture out away from run of the mill pet food and into our culinary world in the search of new and better additions to their critter’s food bowl. Human curiosity extends to foods that you would normally find in our plates and a spark of wonder grows when asking the question: Could my hamster eat that?

We are here to happily answer that query. As much as we want you to feed your hamster their fair dose of seeds, nuts, fruit and veg, we want you to know that there are many foods that aren’t safe for hamsters to eat. It is obvious that we do not share the same physiognomy with the toothy fluffs, so it is safe to assume that we do not have the same dietary requirements. Just because you like and enjoy something, it does not mean your hamster will too. In the same sense, just because a certain type of food is very good for humans, it does not mean that it will beneficial to your hamster’s health too. It is very important to stay informed about what kinds of foods are safe to feed your hamster to ensure that you’re not contributing to their illness, but in fact helping it have a better, healthier life.  

Can Hamsters eat Green Beans?

So, can my Hamster eat Green Beans? – The short answer is yes, adult hamsters can in fact enjoy a little piece of Green Bean from time to time.

But it isn’t an ideal thing to feed your toothy friend at all. Contrary to humans, Green Beans don’t really have a lot of benefits over the hamster’s health. The nutrients packed in the green bit of crunchy bean aren’t that great for hamsters. Green Beans are very rich in Vitamin A and C, which can be detrimental to their health if fed in excess. They can also provoke the formation of kidney and bladder stones since they are very high in Calcium. In addition to that, if you feed your hamster a heavy serving of Green Beans all at once without previously introducing it to their diet in smaller quantities, it may cause digestive issues such as bloating and diarrhea.

Green Beans are not the Best Food Addition for your Hammy

Although it is recommended that your hamster has a balanced, varied diet, Green Beans are probably not a great addition to their food bowl. It is however safe for them to eat a piece that is smaller than their head in length a couple of times a week. If you are feeding your hamster other foods that are acidic such as cucumbers and cilantro, you might want to avoid the green beans in the same day. Too much acid can overload your hamster’s digestive system and it could have a negative effect in their tummy. If you wish to feed your hamster Green Beans, make sure you do it in smaller amounts and don’t combine it with other wet or “fresh” foods. 

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