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The innocence of a child should always be kept pure and untouched. Children are by nature very playful and curious and they do everything with an absolute sense of innocence that means no harm at all. When it comes to handling pets, however, children can be a little rough around the edges, as young kids do not fully comprehend how to handle little critters like an adult can. We strongly advice the supervision of an adult at all times when a child is handling a hamster. 

That being said, when it comes to picking the best hamster for a kid, the handling factor is extremely important. Hamsters that like to be left alone and don’t enjoy being picked up too often are ruled out in this case. Although we cannot predict the behaviours of any hamster, since they all have very unique personalities, we can generalize their patterns and tendencies by evaluating the general behaviours of their specific breeds and species. 

There are many different breeds of hamsters, all with their own unique traits and characteristics. Some are friendlier, and some are not. Some love to live in crowds, some prefer solitude. Some like tight spaces, some like open spaces. Whenever a pet owner wants a new addition to their lives, considering the requirements and care of every breed is absolutely essential. The process of picking a hamster that is children friendly is of course different, because evaluating the circumstances around them would also factor in the presence of a child along with their interaction.

When considering Hamster breeds and species that are children friendly, Golden Hamsters are a great option. Although there are more than just one breed of hamster that are children friendly, we consider that Golden Hamsters are the best of the best. These critters are a variety of Syrian Hamster. They have a barrel shaped body that is generally stocky (the males more than the females). They are docile, mellow and friendly with humans. They can turn sour, but only when pairing them with other hamsters under the same roof. They usually enjoy being picked up and interacted with a couple of times a day and behave quite well when engaged in bonding activities with their owners. Golden hamsters can live up to 3 years if well taken care of. They require a large cage, exercise wheel, food and water and comfortable, suitable bedding. 

Also known as Teddy Bear Hamsters, this variation of Syrian Hamsters are extremely adorable. They have been known to be one of the greatest first pets for any child around the world and serve the purpose very well. A lot can be taught through the presence and interaction of a little critter: responsibility, patience, kindness, unconditional love, and eventually teaching them about loss. Make sure that you are always present to supervise the interaction between the hamster and your child to ensure the safety of both. 

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