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Hamsters are independent, mostly self sufficient pets that don’t need much human interaction in order to survive. One of the beauties of owning a pet like this is getting to watch them perform their greatest expressions of nature and giving them little nudges like a cage cleaning from time to time, refilling their food bowl and giving them more water. But don’t be fooled, toothy fluff balls are not boring creatures. Like any other pet, they can be playful and fun.

But, how do hamsters play? In their own way, hamsters play through physical stimulation. They are creatures that constantly need to move, run and climb in order to be healthy and happy. Most critter owners provide their hamsters with an exercise wheel, and although this is a great element of the home of your pet, it is not enough to keep them entertained and happy.

There are many hamster toys in the market out there. There is a wide arrange of options that encompass different components of thrilling adventure and fun like swings, tunnels, mazes, steps, chew toys and even little balls! So many different ways to keep them entertained and happy leave a really big room for improvement.

Best Hamster Toys to Buy on Amazon

Boredom Breaker Rainbow Play Bridge

For a simple cage addition, consider the Rosewood Boredom Breaker Rainbow Play Bridge as your hamster’s first toy. This activity center adds a colorful touch that is safe to chew. The shape of the bridge added with the complexity of the steps will promise hours of stepping fun that will stimulate your hamster through exercise, mental engagement and physical activity.

hamster toys

Trixie Natural Living Seasaw

Another straight-forward toy is the Trixie Natural Living Seesaw. Simple, yes, but a great option nonetheless. Most hamsters like to climb and explore the world around them, but often see themselves trapped in the flat surface of a cage. This toy facilitates the action by engaging the toothy fluffs in an endless loop of adventure. The high quality design of the seesaw makes it durable and functional as it suits the needs of your hamster’s desires.

Trixie Natural Living Seasaw

Hamster Chew Toys

For the fluff balls that love to gnaw and nibble and bite and chew, the FASTER Hamster Chew Toys are the best alternative. This pack of six toys will provide your hamster with different choices of chewy toys so that it can calm the urge to gnaw and nibble. Made from non-toxic wood, these tasteful chew toys help alleviate anxiety and stress while at the same time keeping your hamster’s dental health in check. 

Hamster chew toys

Rosewood Hamster Assault Course

The more adventurous hamsters need a toy that will suit their level of fun. That is why the Rosewood Assault Course is an exceptional choice. This obstacle course is easy to assemble and prevents your hamster’s nails from growing too fast, too long. This unique toy helps stimulate your fluff ball through a fun journey of exploration. Rosewood also caters to the needs of the daring, brave fluff balls with a climbing tower and a suspension bridge.

Rosewood Hamster Assault Course

Trixie Suspension Bridge for Hamsters

Now, some hamsters are brought into this world with a money gene. They like climbing and swinging and being suspended in the air. For fluff balls of this odd nature, the Trixie Suspension Bridge is a terrific choice. The natural wooden ladders with ropes and rings will give your fluff ball hours of fun and healthy exercise.

Trixie suspension bridge

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