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Hamsters generally enjoy the company of other hamsters, and they also love to play. Hamsters are naturally curious creatures and thrive on new stimuli, so providing your pet with plenty of toys in his or her cage is essential.

One type of toy that many hamster owners swear by is one that can be filled with food (this can include dry cat food). Putting a small handful of these items inside the toy then rolling it up immediately captures a hamster’s interest. Hamsters generally love to play with this food-filled ball as they try to get the food out.

Another type of toy that can be made from a plastic bottle is a great option for your hamster. You can cut off the bottom of the bottle and then cut out sections along both sides (if you want, you also can cut out an area in the center where the mouth is located). By cutting holes on either side of an area in the middle, it will give your pet one opening to poke his head in and another to put his feet through. If you place a small piece of food inside this “crate,” your hamster will enjoy working to get it out.

Any kind of cardboard box can be turned into a great hamster toy. Rolled up newspapers or toilet paper tubes are great additions to put in the box as they add a new texture and height to the box that will make it more interesting for your pet. If you want, you can even cut out windows on the sides of the box and let your hamster push his head through to get treats.

Another fun and relatively easy toy to make yourself is a goody “ball.” This is basically any kind of ball that you can make out of anything that your hamster will like. For example, you can make a ball by tying up a bunch of dried cat food with a shoestring. By placing food inside this ball and placing it in your hamster’s cage, you are providing an easy activity for your hamster to do while also giving them a challenge. Your pet will enjoy rolling the ball along the floor of his or her cage as they try to get the food out.

These few examples demonstrate how easy it can be to make toys for your hamster to have in his or her cage. When making toys out of cardboard boxes or plastic bottles, you should always be sure not to use anything that could be toxic to your pet, such as bleach. Clean your hamster’s cage frequently to avoid the risk of mold or bacteria growth.

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