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When you get a hamster, you must buy everything it needs to enable it to have a long and fulfilling life. An important aspect of a hamster’s life is its need for exercise. Since hamsters are nocturnal, they are most likely to exercise at night. Most owners will invest in an exercise toy (wheel or ball) for their hamster to stay fit and healthy. 

You can either choose to invest in a hamster saucer wheel or a standardised wheel (you can get silent ones if they are too noisy).

Hamster Flying Saucer Wheel

Hamster flying saucer wheels have the running disc on the side. Enabling your hamster to run without flipping upside down as they often can in traditional wheels-which is dangerous.

These wheels are relatively cheap and stand at around £6.59. You can choose this toy in a range of colours so pick one that bests suits you.

The main advantages of this wheel are;

  • It comes in a medium or large size
  • It is a good alternative to the average exercise wheel (less harsh on your hamster spine)
  • It features a silent movement 
  • Has a unique modern nontip design which is safer for your hamster
  • Keeps your hamster healthy and entertained

Silent Hamster Wheel

If your hamster resides in your room, you may struggle to sleep at night due to the racket hamsters can cause when exercising. Therefore, you may need to invest in a silent hamster wheel. This will allow your hamster to still get its exercise without disrupting you and your sleep making you both happy. 

The main advantages of this wheel are;

  • No gaping place, your pet won’t get its feet hurt or wrenched.
  • Non-slip convex lines enlarge friction and enhance stability to avoid false steps.
  • Silent structure, your animal can run at night without disturbing others.
  • Wide suitability, can be mount on various pet cages.
  • A funny toy help to keep your pet slim and healthy.

Exercise is Important for Hamsters

 Hamsters need exercise just like we do. They need to exercise every day to maintain a constant healthy weight otherwise they will get fat and unhealthy. If your hamster cage is not equipped with a wheel (any type) then you may want to consider buying a hamster ball where your hamster can roam around your house as they wish. Make sure the ball is fully sealed to avoid your hamster escaping and remember to never leave your hamster unattended. 

The key reason exercise is so important is because without exercise hamsters can get underlying health conditions. The main conditions they can get are diabetes and heart attacks which can significantly decrease your hamster’s lifespan.

Overall, the most important thing to remember is hamsters need exercise and if you can invest in a wheel that does not disturb you and allows your hamsters to have fun then that is ideal. Amazon has a range of products to check out as do most pet stores like Pets at Home. For cheaper products try and purchase a wheel online or buy one second-hand. Just make sure to sanitise any second-hand toys you get from previous owners.

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