Hamster Christmas Presents

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Do you have a little furry friend who also deserves to be spoiled this Christmas? After all, they are a part of your family too. It can be difficult to find a gift for a hamster who appears to have it all, most likely your hamster will have all the basics, so where do you begin when trying to find something new, but worthy of your fur ball? From treats, to toys, to even some decorations to lighten up your hamster’s home – here are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for your lovable little pet.

Especially with covid-19, Christmas is even more uncertain this year in terms of deliveries. It is best to plan ahead and get your presents ordered early in order to ensure they are delivered on time. The only thing to keep in mind, if you are ordering food for your hamster, make sure that it has a use by date past Christmas. You don’t want to hand your hamster some out of date food for their Christmas. Although, most hamster food has a fairly long use by date anyway. When considering where to buy from, stores such as Ebay, Amazon, and Pets at Home are always reliable options. Not to mention, their online websites are perfect for during this pandemic. Amazon’s prime delivery is a helpful and reliable option for delivery, even when you are buying presents last minute. Here are some of the best ideas for your fur ball’s Christmas:

Hamster Festive Fruit Tree

hamster Christmas presents

A festive fruit tree made out of vegetable starch, parsley, millet, wheat, apple, coconut, and mountain bilberry. This may well be the perfect treat for your hamster’s Christmas dinner. Your hamster must get bored of the same old food day in day out, so why not treat them to something more exciting, but healthy? You can even hang the tree to stimulate your hamster even more, by giving it a challenge.

Christmas Hamster Tunnel

Christmas Hamster Tunnel

Why not treat your hamster to a cute tunnel toy over the Christmas period? Your hamster will have hours of fun running back and forward in this tunnel, it will also provide plenty of comfort to your hamster as a hiding place. For your own convenience, it is also machine washable and durable. 

Cosy Christmas Hamster House

Christmas Hamster House

A comfortable and cosy sleep is the perfect gift for any hamster, especially when they are mostly nocturnal and sleep during the day. This tree shaped bed is a cosy comfort to your hamster, it can provide darkness during the day to your nocturnal friend, allowing them a good day’s sleep and it’s just extremely cute.

Berry Nibbler

Hamster Christmas Presents

Hamsters love to nibble on things they are not supposed to, so why not give them something they are allowed to nibble on for a change? These berry shaped nibbling toys will keep your hamster busy and occupied, likely stopping them from chewing on things they’re not supposed to. The toy is made from natural materials and is non-toxic. It is a cute present that you can hang from your furry friend’s cage, creating hours of fun.

Hamster Christmas Tree Puzzle

Hamster Christmas Presents

Another option for your hamsters Christmas dinner, this Christmas tree puzzle contains edible wood. It provides an exciting challenge for your small friend and will keep them busy for hours.

Hamster Christmas Stocking

hamster Christmas stocking

Similar to the edible Christmas tree, this stocking full of edible tasty treats for your hamster is the perfect Christmas gift. It features a reindeer wood gnaw, a grain-free tree, crunchy snowballs, and Christmas herbs. The treats are all 100% natural, providing your hamster with a healthy but tasty treat.

Hamster Christmas Bag of Baubles

Christmas Presents for Hamsters

A festive grain-free bag of 100% natural bauble treats is a tasty present that is bound to please your pet. The baubles are full of nutritious vegetables and seeds, using all natural flavours that will include your furry friend in the Christmas festivities. 

Bonbonierka Hamster Sticks

These snack bars are the perfect treat for your well deserving little friend. Full of nutrients, vitamins, and supplements, these bars are incredibly beneficial to your hamster. There is a wide selection of bars containing oranges, carob beans, sesame seeds, bananas, coconuts, and almonds, so your hamster will not get bored of these tasty treats.

Natural Living Tunnel System

hamster Christmas Presents

A natural living tunnel system provides your furry friend with plenty of excitement, fun, and comfort. The woody house offers climbing and cuddling opportunities for your friend. What better way to treat your four-legged friend at Christmas than to give them another new home to play and cuddle in. 

Cosy Reindeer Hamster Bed

Christmas Hamster bed

Another cosy bed for your hamster to snuggle up in through the winter. This cute Reindeer nest is comfortable and warm for your furry friend and the elf/reindeer shape is cute as can be.

Set of Hamster Toys

Hamster Christmas presents

This set contains ten pieces of equipment that will bring your hamster fun, and decorate their cage a little bit. There are chew toys and swings, all made from natural wood to keep your four-legged friend busy and entertained. All of these accessories will spruce up your hamster’s cage as well as their life, a perfect Christmas gift. 

Hamster Digging Tower

Hamster Digging tower

A digging tower is a gift that will keep your hamster occupied inside its cage. The digging tower will provide your hamster with fun and will drain their energy so that they won’t feel the need to dig as much in their cage. It also has a clear window so that you can watch your little friend as they dig, bringing entertainment not only to your hamster, but to the family as well. 

I hope that this blog has given you plenty of ideas on what to get your Hammie for Christmas. You might also like to check out these amazing hamster toys and hamster hammocks.

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