What do Hamsters Eat?

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You’ve probably wanted to know what a hamster eats before, but were too afraid to ask. Well, our team of experts has taken some time off from running around in their hamster wheels and has compiled this list for you.

A general guideline when feeding your hamster is that you should feed them as much as they want, while not overfeeding. Giving your hamster too much of one thing can lead to diarrhea and loose stools, which will make the hamster uncomfortable and maybe sick.

Your hamster’s diet should include high-quality seed mixes and regular treats while avoiding any sort of junk food or anything with sugar. The seed mixes will supply fiber, protein and fats that the hamster needs to stay healthy. Hamster treats should be given in moderation and preferably not sweetened with sugar.

Remember that your hamster will digest food more quickly than you do. What may take you two hours to digest, will only take a hamster two minutes. This is why it is important to provide small portions of food so your pet isn’t eating the same thing over and over again. Also, try not to overfeed, which can cause your hamster to have trouble with his digestion or even throw up.

The best source of food for your hamster is a quality commercial hamster food, which can be purchased at any pet store. Many commercial foods are sold in dried, pellet and block form. Most commercial foods will have a variety of different types of seeds and vegetables that are preserved. When choosing a food you should look for one with a minimum 35% crude protein, 17% crude fat and 10% crude fiber. If you are unsure of whether or not a brand is good quality, ask the salesperson for advice.

The type of food that’s good for your hamster can differ depending on the kind of hamster you have. Make sure you check with a specialist before giving them anything but their usual diet.

Seed Mix

Seed mixes are a great source of fibers and proteins. For the best quality food, avoid those that contain seeds which have been sprayed with pesticides or chemically treated. Be sure to look at the ingredients list to see if your preferred seed mix contains any corn or wheat products along with nut fragments. If your hamster has an allergy to these ingredients, he will have loose stools or other digestive problems.

Fruit and Vegetables

If you have a Syrian, you can feed them a variety of fruit and vegetables to supplement their diet. Their food should contain a variety of things such as flour, corn meal, oatmeal or raisins. The seeds shouldn’t be too hard and should be no bigger than the size of your hamster’s head.


Hamsters need a lot of water every day, so make sure they always have fresh water available to them. If you’re taking your hamster for a walk, fill up their bottle with some water and take it with you!

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