Do hamsters need water?

Do hamsters need water? Absolutely – water is essential for hamsters survival whether they are in the wild or kept in captivity or as a pet. In today’s blog we talk about how to make sure that your hamster has enough water and how often you need to change it.

Do hamsters need water?

Yes hamsters do need water – it is essential for their survival. If you have a pet hamster you need to check that your hamster has enough fresh water cold available on a daily basis.

What if your hamster runs out of water?

If your hamster runs out of water this can lead to dehydration and serious health complications. It is particularly important to check your hamsters water every day because dehydration can ultimately lead to death in mammals. It is particularly important to check that your hammy has plenty of water in the summertime when the weather is hot.

How to give your hamster water

There are two main options for giving your hamster water – one is for a bowl and the second is a bottle. A water bottle attached to the side of your hamsters cage is the best option, because when you give your hamster water in a bowl it can flip it over, or drop sawdust and food in it which can soak the water up.

Water bottles come with most hamster starter kits and also they can be bought quite cheaply online and are available in most pet stores for around £5. Change the water in your hamsters bottle regularly – around 3/4 times a week so that it doesn’t go stagnant. Check that there is enough water in your hamsters bottle every day, and also check that the wire is attaching the water bottle to the side of the cage properly – sometimes they are flimsy and can slip off!

Which is the best hamster water bottle to buy?

The cheapest and best water bottle available online is this Classic Crystal Deluxe ‘Small’ – Small Animal Drinking Bottle 150ml which is suitable for all hamster breeds. It is sturdy and excellent value for money. Buy it here:

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