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The Panda Bear hamster is a type of Syrian hamster that is known for its distinct black and white colourings. The name suggests it is similar to a panda bears colouring. 


Typically, they are known for being sociable with humans and when you first get one, they are less likely to bite compared to Campbell hamsters. This only happens if they are frightened or startled for whatever reason. Waking a panda hamster from its sleep will make them irritated and more prone to biting. 

However, it is very possible to have a loving relationship with a panda hamster. They are curious creatures and enjoy exploring. Therefore, you should purchase a running ball, tunnels, and a bunch of toys to keep active and entertained. Additionally, a running wheel will allow them to keep active at night. 


Pellet food formulas are a good option for a dietary base, as they usually offer a balanced and complete nutritional profile. However, it is still important that you supplement your Panda Bear hamster’s diet with many different fresh foods. Look at our previous blog on the Syrian hamster for food ideas. Additionally, you could also include celery, berries, walnuts, carrots, whole grains, or other ingredients. Never feed a Panda Bear hamster any food that contains a high amount of sugar, such as pastries, cakes, or candies. This can cause some serious health problems in Panda Bear hamsters, such as diabetes and obesity. 

Life Span

Since the Panda Hamster is essentially a Syrian Hamster, their lifespan is the same. You can expect a Panda Hamster to live between 2 and 3 years. However, some have been able to live up to 4 years. 

Where To Buy One?

Pets at Home offer a range of Syrian hamsters. They do not sell purely panda hamsters but most of the time they will have a couple on displays. Additionally, local garden centres may sell them and other small pet shop companies. It depends on your area. Your best bet is to call up pet shops near you and ask. They are around about £10-£15 to buy in the shop but prices vary depending on where you go.

Do They Make Good Pets?

Panda Bear hamster can make good pets. They have to become familiar with you. Do not disturb them when they are sleeping, as it can make them irritable. Panda bear hamsters make good first pets for younger children to learn the responsibilities reviled around keeping an animal. 

Caring For Your Panda Hamster

Taking care of a panda bear hamster is the same as any other type of hamster. They are generally short-haired, so they do not have to groomed. Make sure to change the sawdust and bedding regularly and make sure they have enough toys to entertain themselves to avoid boredom and so their teeth stay short. A ball and wheel are essential to buy to keep your hamster in shape. 

For more information check out this website. Here you can learn more about Panda hamsters.

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