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Syrian hamsters are nocturnal, territorial, solitary critters. They mostly enjoy being by themselves and usually demand to be housed in solitude. That being said, it is important to know that they still breed with mates and reproduce like normal hamsters, despite their keenness to be alone. These little critters are docile most of the time, although they could become violent when around unwanted company. Syrian Hamsters are great pets as they as playful, well behaved and extremely entertaining to watch. 

One thing for sure is that they are absolutely adorable. A healthy Syrian Hamster can live up to 2.5 years of age. A series of factors can lengthen or shorten their time in this planet and have a positive or negative effect on their overall health. Things like lifestyle, nutrition and genetics are as influential to their life span as other elements of care like exercise and housing. Some toothy fluffs are more predisposed to sickness due to their genes and some are simply affected by their environment. It is safe to assume that if you take proper care of your hamster, you should have a happy, long lasting pet that lives a long healthy life. 

Syrian Hamsters are not demanding creatures, like other breeds of hamsters. They are independent and require very little interaction from their owners in order to remain happy. Engaging in pet time once a day is enough for them in most cases. The usual hamster owner things like cleaning their cage, giving them lots of water and providing them with enough space and facilities to exercise constantly is more than enough. When it comes to their diet, feeding them a nice amount of food that is varied in seeds, nuts and some fresh fruit and veg now and then would be extremely beneficial for their overall health. 

These toothy fluffs enjoy exercise quite a bit. They need constant stimulation in order to have a healthy, happy life. Providing them with lots of cage accessories is recommended, since it allows them to play and run and be in a dynamic environment that feels freeing and rewarding. It is important that your hamster has a lot of space to move around and that their cage is set in a place that is cool, but not breezy. The room where the cage of your hamster is set should be well lit, since their breed has a somewhat poor eyesight. You should handle your hamster with care and be gentle to them if you want them to lead a life full of bliss. Avoid shoving your fingers in front of its face, waking up your hamster or handling it too rough. Sudden movements can startle your hamster and make it a bit cranky.

When hamsters start getting old, they will start to slow down. They might get startled very easily and become less playful and active. It is important that you familiarize yourself with your hamster’s behaviour so that you are able to identify a change in their patterns. When something seems off, please contact your veterinary and seek professional advice. Old toothy fluffs aren’t as agile as young ones – it might be a good idea to consider removing steep ramps and other adventurous elements in your hamsters cage to avoid injury. You want to allow him to exercise, so regular accessories like an exercise wheel should always be present. Some of the latent health issues that Syrian hamsters can develop are related to their teeth. Overgrown teeth are a concern and in order to avoid that you should always give them something to gnaw and chew on. There’s many different options of Hamster Chews available for you to choose from. 

Elder fluff balls need a calm, quiet, clean environment. If you take good care of your hamster and take into considerations the factors mentioned in this article, such as environment, exercise, cleanliness, diet and space, your should have a pet that lives a long and healthy life. If you found this article helpful and you wish to know more about becoming a hamster owner, you might be interested in getting to know the Benefits of Owning a Hamster

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