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When you think about bathing your hamster, this is not a typical bath with water. Bathing with water is never advisable with a hamster because they are so little and susceptible to colds. Getting wet is one way that he will catch a cold. It can also make them very stressed and irritable.

Another reason not to water bathe a hamster is that you will remove the essential oils from their fur. It is these oils that help to keep the hamster healthy and the coat nice and soft. This is why most professionals recommend sand baths. However, DO NOT use dust as a substitute as your hamster can get respiratory issues from the small dust particles. 

If you have to water bath your hamster, or use water in some area then do use warm water to avoid them catching a cold.

Sand baths keep your hamster’s coat nice and shiny. It is also not as distressing for them. Sand baths absorb some of the oils within the fur, making the coat healthier. A sand bath is the preferred method and Amazon has some great sand baths. However, you should change the sand regularly to since it does get dirty quickly. 

Hamsters are overall quite clean so this is not essential, but it provides bonding time and makes sure your hamster is at its healthiest and cleanest.

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