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Every little critter likes to engage in activities that keep them happy, healthy and entertained. In the case of hamsters, that enjoyable activity is chewing. Yes, chewing. Pretty straight forward and uncomplicated, these little animals thoroughly enjoy nibbling, biting and slowly but surely consuming hard, barky things with their sharpened teeth. Luckily for us, the chews are not only for entertainment, but they will also improve your hamster’s dental health, making their teeth trimmed and strong. With this great benefit comes the advantages of giving your hamster a bit or bark and a bit of chew so that they are never bored or stressed. Critters in the rodent family like mice, chinchillas, guinea pigs and hamsters fancy nibbling on nuts, wood and crunchy bits more than anything else; and believe it or not, there are products in the market that are made exactly for them. Now, there are many variations of treats and crunchies so that your nibbly little ball of fur has its needs and preferences met. Depending on what they particularly enjoy, a wide range of chews are available for you to pick from.

Best Hamster Chews to buy on Amazon

Apple Cinnamon Chew Sticks

One of the simpler, less adventurous choices are the Apple Cinnamon Chew Sticks. If you want to introduce your hamster into the world of chews but aren’t too sure about the different treats, this will be your best choice. The trees that bear fruits have strong, barky wood that little critters love to chew on. Other than the enjoyable texture, the natural flavor of the apple chew sticks will delight your toothy friend.

hamster chews

Rosewood Boredom Breaker

For the fur balls that want to calm their nerves and get rid of boredom, the Rosewood Boredom Breaker is one of the best alternatives out there. Made from all natural ingredients like edible wood, vegetable extracts and alfalfa, these stimulating logs of tasty treats can be hung from their cage to provide them many hours of tasty nibbling fun! The chewy logs have pockets full of seeds, peanuts and apples that tempt your hamster’s palate while keeping the experience challenging and entertaining.

boredom breaker hamster chew

Rosewood Rodent Mini Sticks

A more straight forward option for a tasty chew is the Rosewood Rodent Mini Sticks. This two pack of tasty sticks will provide your pet with a fair amount of nibbly bits. The fun flavors of carrot and fennel are compiled into a pizza that is suitable for the consumption of toothy little fur balls. Made from all natural ingredients, these sticks will not only keep them pleased but they will also provide benefits for their dental health.

Rosewood Rodent Mini Sticks

Nibble-n-Gnaw Stacker

If your pet is a bit jumpy and easily distracted, considering a more adventurous chew is the way to go. A great choice for these erratic balls of fluff is the Rosewood Boredom Breaker Treat Nibble-n-Gnaw Stacker. This marvelous little pack will give your hamster six choices of different chews to pick from: Two hard baked cookies, a parsley treat, a willow ball, some wood gnaw and a ring made from herbs. This way, you can just throw all these chews into their cage and let them have a blast. These treats are all made from natural ingredients and contain no toxic or artificial substances whatsoever.

nibble n gnaw hamster chew

Hamster Chew Toys

A more varied and complete version of chew toys made for the fast paced toothy critters, is the ERKOON Chew Toys. This pack comes with twelve different toys, all made from high-quality wood and natural ingredients. The pieces include a bell roller, a dumbel, a unicycle, a square molar block, watermelon balls, a bell swing, apple tree branches, two molar strings, two pine nuts and a willow rattan ball. This promising pack of chews and nibbly bits will ensure your hamster’s complete and utter satisfaction.

Hamster chew toys

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