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Hamsters are lovely pets. They are cute, friendly, soft, fluffy, and extremely fun to watch. These little balls of fluff are so easy to love, yet, somewhat tricky to take care of. As responsible pet owners, we must educate ourselves so that we find the best ways to take care of our little critters. But do hamsters need bedding? Yes! Absolutely! It is our duty to give them a loving home that is safe, comfortable, functional and healthy for them. In the case of hamsters specifically, a huge factor in the habitat that we create for them is their bedding.

Most people make the worst mistake: To lay their bed down with newspaper. This kind of bedding is extremely dysfunctional and very harmful to your hamster’s health. The ink in the paper is toxic to the little critter and will stick to its little paws, causing health issues in the long term. Another really bad choice of hamster bedding is sawdust. This material although it is more natural, it creates a constant dust cloud in your hamster’s environment that is harmful for their respiratory health. Too much exposure to sawdust bedding will surely have a negative impact on your fluff ball’s life and deteriorate their health slowly, but surely. It is possible to make DIY hamster bedding, but you need to be aware of what to use and what to avoid.

Best Hamster Bedding Options

Now, our intention isn’t to scare you, but to tell you some really good choices to make your hamster’s bed the best it can be. As there are bad choices out there that are detrimental to their health, there are also some great alternatives that have a lot to offer, depending on your pet’s necessities.

Pettex Pet Bedding (Nesting Paper)

To start with one of the simplest, yet most effective options of bedding, the Pettex Pet Bedding is a very good, reliable material. Made entirely from recycled, bio-degradable nesting paper, this material is a great choice for small animals like hamsters. 

Pettex best Hamster bedding

Petlide Safebed Paper Wool

For a softer and warmer approach to bedding, we recommend the Petlife Safebed Paper Wool. Derived from food grade materials, this option of bedding is 100% natural, completely safe to consume and non-toxic. The warm wool provides a great environment for your pet so that they feel more safe and secure in the world around them.

Petlide Safebed Paper wool

Nobby Hamster Wadding

A very luxurious alternative to bedding is the Nobby Hamster Wadding. This material is great for nesting and keeping your fluff balls warm and comfortable. This option is terrific for hamsters that have sensitive skins and like to chew and shallow their bedding. The material of this wadding is completely digestible and provides that soft embrace that your hamster loves.

Best hamster bedding nobby hamster wadding

Timothy Hay

One of the most high quality choices of bedding is Timothy Hay. This material is the most similar to the one that hamsters use to build their nests in the wild, and therefore it is the most ideal. Providing a bed made of this blend of hay will ensure the highest living quality of your pet, giving them balance between cage and nature. Timothy Hay is also a source of fiber. Hamsters with bedding made of hay will more often than not nibble on it and eat some of their beds when hay is too squished down. That way, they preserve their beds and make them fresher with a bit of a nibble.

Timothy Hay

Paper Confetti Hamster Bedding

If you’re looking to spruce up your hamster’s living situation, a great alternative to make your pet’s cage colorful and happy is to build their bedding with Paper Confetti. This material provides comfort, freshness and dryness while still looking extremely adorable. The colorful, pillowy paper is perfect for burrowing and is easy to clean.

Paper confetti hamster bedding

If you have your hamster’s bedding already picked and want to know more about the care of their cage, you may be interested in reading about Easy to Clean Hamster Cages and Aspen bedding for hamsters.

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