Easy to Clean Hamster Cage

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If you are a hamster owner you will be aware that you need to clean your hamsters cage out on a weekly basis or fortnightly as the max depending on cage size of course (read about how often to clean hamster cage). Keeping your hamsters environment clean is important to their health and well being and also makes sure that they do not smell. But it’s not the most fun task in the world and it can be time consuming. That’s where an easy to clean hamster cage can help.

Some hamster cages are specifically designed to be easy clean. They often are acrylic to wipe easily and many have an easy clean drawer at the bottom. This means that you can simply pull out the drawer, replace all of the sawdust and slot it back in. Let’s take a look at some of the most easy clean hamster cages available to buy online.

Pawhut Easy to Clean Hamster Cage

The Pawhut easy to clean wooden hamster cage has three levels for hamsters to explore and also has an easy clean pull out drawer at the bottom. It includes a bowl and a seesaw. Being wooden it’s organic and eco-friendly.

pawhut easy to clean hamster cage

AZXAZ Acrylic Hamster House

This AZXAZ Acrylic Hamster House is transparent so you can always see what your hamster is up to, without worrying about smaller hamsters squeezing through bars! It’s made of durable and eco-friendly acrylic and the hamster house contains a transparent feeding bowl, ceramaic nest and a running wheel.

easy clean hamster cage

Midwest Critter Nation Hamster Habitat

The double front opening doors on this hamster cage make it one of the easiest to clean that we have found online. Open both of the doors outwards, slide out the leak proof bottom pan and away you go! Simples! Just remember to get your hamster out quickly because the doors are quite wide and he may jump out – unlike cages with a small entrance that you just put your hand into!

This cage comes with a slightly higher price tag, but we think it’s well worth it! I love the pewter-grey colour of this cage. I also love how versatile and extendable it is. The single story has two levels for your hamster and appropriately angled ramps so that he can run around and explore. But get this – double up by going for the double story. You can even buy an additional add on and fit it onto the top so that you end up with three story! Ingenius! This hamster cage also stands on wheels so that you easily transport it from room to room.

easy to clean hamster cage

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