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Hamsters are very active, particularly during the night due to them being nocturnal animals. Therefore, your four-legged friend needs somewhere to go during the day where they can feel safe and comfortable. A hamster house is the perfect option for providing your hamster with an environment where they can feel safe and laze the day away. They need a place where they can go during the day in hiding, in the wild hamsters are used to being hunted and therefore they naturally like to hide, especially when they are winding down to sleep. 

Make sure that you place the hamster house/nesting box somewhere that allows your furry friend some privacy, so that they can feel secure in their bed. You should also fill the nesting box with some safe nesting material such as shredded plain white kitchen roll, or clothe-based material. You should avoid shredded newspaper and kitchen roll with ink because the ink can be toxic to hamsters. You should also avoid using cotton wool, if they eat it then it can cause harm to their insides resulting in complications. It may also get tied around their legs and hamsters have very fragile bones. Timothy hay can be used as bedding, but hamsters will eat this and it is not a good idea for long haired hamsters due to the hay getting tangled in their hair, becoming uncomfortable. It is safe for your hamster to eat and also healthy for part of your hamster’s diet, but there are better options for inside your hamster’s nesting box. Hamster wadding is not good for your pet, it is too fluffy and will get caught in your hamster’s pouches if they try to eat it. Hamster confetti is a good option for hamster bedding, it is safe and biodegradable material that will offer comfort to your hamster. You should also be sure to avoid pine and cedar wood shavings, these can splinter easily and cause harm to your furry friend. Pine and cedar shavings can also react with your hamster’s urine, releasing fumes that can be toxic to your pet. 

So what is the best material for your hamster’s hideout? Most people advise you to avoid plastic ones due to the fact that they trap condensation and are not as breathable as wood and ceramic. A wooden hideout is a natural option and they are very durable, the only downfall is that they are harder to clean than plastic and ceramic options. A wooden hideout is also good because your pet will likely chew everything, therefore chewing a wooden hideout will not harm him in any way, whereas chewing a plastic or ceramic may cause harm. Ceramic hideouts, like plastic ones, are less breathable than wood. They can also cause condensation and keeping your hamster’s hideout dry should be a priority. If your hamster’s hideout gets wet then it can cause hypothermia in extreme cases. However, during the summer months a ceramic hideout may be ideal. Ceramic and plastic hideouts don’t retain your hamster’s scent as well as a wood hideout. Therefore, the best option is a wood hideout as it will provide maximum comfort and safety to your hammy.

Best Hamster Houses

Here are some amazing hamster houses that are available on the market:

Ceramic Strawberry Hamster House

This ceramic, strawberry-shaped hideout is perfect for your hammy during the summer months, it will be a little cooler for them and it looks incredibly cute. It will provide a safe and cool home for your hamster during the summer months, and it will decorate their cage a little bit.

Winter Warm Hamster Bed

Why not try a cosy hammock for your hammy? This fluffy hammock is cosy and cute, providing your hamster with somewhere a little bit different to rest up. We all know hamsters like to climb, so why not give your furry friend somewhere to climb to. With this house, be careful that your hamster doesn’t nibble the fluff off, also keep in mind that it will be difficult to clean.

Trixie Bjork Log Cabin for Hamsters

A stylish and natural looking home for your little four-legged friend. This wooden house will not only bring your pet comfort, but also fun with the addition of the tunnel underneath and the raised slope. Letting your hamster climb and explore.

best hamster houses

Pet Ting Wooden House for Hamsters

Another natural wood option that is simple and small in style, keeping your hamster cosy and secure in this humble abode. 

wooden hamster house

Trixie Natural Living Hendrix House

This Trixie Natural Living Hendrix House is another humble home that mimics your hamster’s natural environment with the wood material. It will be perfect for making your hamster feel safe and secure while the rest.

Plastic Ferplast Hamster House

This house is made from a strong plastic material, it is simple in style and will provide your hammy with shelter and security. Due to it being plastic, there are some downfalls such as the issue it may pose with condensation and breathability.

Natural Rosewood Cottage

best hamster houses

Even more natural than wood is this rosewood comfortable cottage. Although it may not be the most durable, it will provide your hamster with a sense of safety and comfort so that they can laze away during the day. 

WishLotus Unique Hamster House

best hamster house

This WishLotus unique Hamster house needs to be built up before use, it is made from wood and will provide a fancy looking home for your hammy. Most wood houses on the market look natural, which can be good, but if you are looking to decorate your hamster’s cage as well, this house will do the job. It is natural, but looks unnatural and will provide a safe space for your hamster to call home, as well as providing fun climbing and exploring opportunities.

Labyrinth Hamster House

Labyrinth Hamster House

This labyrinth Hamster house mimics your hamster’s natural environment. It is made out of wood and has one door to enter into the labyrinth tunnel system that will make your pet feel safe and secure in a comfortable home. Two of the chambers inside even have a darkened bedroom that will allow your hamster to enjoy a peaceful sleep during the day. 

Wooden Hamster Home

This wooden home is strong and durable, it will provide plenty of security and comfort to your furry friend and gives a natural look to your hamster’s cage. 

Wooden Hamster Mansion

A wooden mansion for your hamster who deserves the best! This hideout features a place for your hamster to snuggle and feel safe during the day when it’s asleep, and it provides entertainment and fun for your lovable hammy. There are two hideouts as well as a tunnel and climbing opportunities. Your hamster will love this hideout. 

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