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Are you looking for the best hamster playpen and you’re not sure what to look for and where to start? Look no further, this guide will tell you everything that you need to look for in order to keep your furry friend safe and secure while also providing them exercise and fun.

Advantages of a Hamster Playpen

Hamsters are very energetic animals who tend to travel many miles during the night when they live in their natural habitat. In order to keep your four-legged friend happy and content, a playpen is a great way to start. 

If your hammy is in need of a good running about, but your house is a little bit too much of an adventure with too many obstacles for your hamster to crawl under, then a playpen is the perfect solution. We are often put off letting our hamsters explore due to the fear of them escaping or finding something to hide under.

A playpen has the advantage of being a safe and controlled environment where your hamster can explore and burn their energy under your surveillance. It is a good option for both you, and your lovable hammy. After all, a wheel that goes nowhere is bound to get boring after a while. Let your hammy have some time to explore and cure their boredom.

What to look for in a Hamster Playpen

The material of your hamster’s playpen is an important consideration. Corrugated plastic is a good option, being strong and it is not easily climbable. It can be easily built, and it can be cleaned easily. As well as plastic, you may choose to recycle old boxes.

A cardboard box may be a cheap and easy solution to your problems. However, cardboard isn’t durable and you will find yourself going through an awful lot of boxes due to your hamster doing the toilet at the box or nibbling it. You hammy can easily chew through cardboard so of course you would need to be present at all times, although you should be under all circumstances.

You can also get metal playpens that have bars in which you connect, forming a safe play area for your hammy. Of course metal is durable, but you have to make sure that the bars are close enough together so that your hamster cannot escape.

You may also like to add some sort of play mat to the ground if your playpen is on a carpeted area. Material playpens have a floor attached to the sides and will allow for easy cleaning as well as being safe and secure.

What to put in the playpen

Your hamster will enjoy a change of scene regardless of what you decide to put in the playpen. However, adding toys and other fun structures will help to make your hammy the happiest they can be. 

You can move your hamster’s wheel from inside the cage to the playpen temporarily. A change of location will bring a new life to the wheel and your hamster will enjoy this change of scenery while running on its beloved wheel. 

Climbing areas can be fun too, even if you stack some boxes that your hamster can climb up, just make sure that you don’t stack them next to the edge of the playpen as your hamster will be able to escape.

Tunnels are another good feature to add to the playpen, they add to the exploration of the area and will keep your hamster by and occupied while also giving them somewhere that they can hide.

A house may be a good thing to include in the playpen, or perhaps a wooden housing structure that has cubby holes and climbing areas joined together, some may also have tunnels. You have to make sure that there are plenty areas in the playpen for your hamster to hide and feel secure in, this will optimise the fun that your hamster has while exploring its playpen.

You can even add some fresh vegetables to the playpen in order to encourage your hammy to explore and to make it even more fun for them. 

Here are some playpens to consider:

hamster playpen

This material hamster playpen will provide safety to your hamster as well as being easy to clean and fairly durable. Just make sure that your hamster doesn’t nibble at it. The design is pop-up and can be stored easily by the way that it folds into a small bag. 

This playpen is formed of bars, it can be easily constructed by connecting eight sections together in a circle. The sections can also be easily folded away for storage. The bars do look quite tight together, but just be careful that your hammy does not try to escape through them. Providing toys and other features should distract them from any possible escape plans.

An easily foldable and cleanable playpen that will provide your hammy with plenty of fun and exploration. The design is extra secure with material sides, bottom, and top with windows of secure netting that will allow you to keep an eye on your four-legged friend while also providing breathability. There is a zip on top of the design that will allow you to place your hamster in and out of the playpen. It is waterproof so if your hammy needs the toilet, it will be easily wiped up. It is also easily buildable, all you have to do is take it out of the bag and it will pop into place. 

This playpen is roomy and customisable, the twenty panels allow you to place them in whatever shape you want your hammy’s playpen to be in. The panels are all plastic and provide a safe and durable structure that can be easily cleaned. The panel walls can be set up quite high which will prevent your hammy from escaping, the panels are also secured and tightly connected together for maximum safety. The panels can fit on the bottom to provide a safe and easily cleaned surface for your hamster to explore on. The structure is strong and can be easily constructed to suit the size of the area.

A playpen that features a waterproof ground sheet and eight wired steel sides with a door. The playpen looks safe and will provide your hammy with plenty of fun, just make sure that it can’t fit through the wires. 

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