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It’s tough to think of anything better on a hot summer day than sitting down to eat a few refreshing chunks of melon, it’s like sunshine in a snack! The sweet yet delicate goodness hidden inside this fruits’ shell is endlessly joyful. This delicious fruit also gives off an aroma that is almost as wonderful as its’ taste, a combination that has driven people wild for centuries. But we’re not the only ones that are partial to a bit of melon, in fact many pets absolutely love it too.

Can Hamsters eat Melon?

If you’re a hamster owner and you think the same way that we do, then it’s probably true to say that you are constantly looking for healthy treats for your fluffy little bundle of joy. If you’ve bought a cantaloupe or honeydew recently and you’re wondering ‘can hamsters eat melon’ then you’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is yes (with a few caveats)!

Is Melon good for Hamsters?

There are of course different varieties of melon, with watermelon, cantaloupe, dalia and honeydew being a few of the most popular. Each type of melon has a different nutritional makeup, but there are a number of vitamins and minerals that many melons share, these include:

  • Vitamin C – high in collagen, which helps repair and maintain healthy skin
  • Vitamin B6 – very good for the immune system, brain and nervous system
  • Potassium – helps with maintaining a good blood pressure
  • Fibre – essential to helping your hamster with digestion

Even though melons include many beneficial nutrients, it is always worth remembering that they are a treat and should only be given in quantities that are healthy for them.

How much melon can I give my Hamster?

The first thing to remember when giving your hamster melon is to prepare it properly by removing any skin and picking out all of the seeds, as these can be toxic for hamsters. From there you should consider the portion size that you are giving your hammie.

Every variety of melon by nature has a very high amount of water, which is what makes it so wonderfully refreshing for us humans. There is also a relatively large amount of natural sugar in most melons. The combination of a high water content and a good deal of sugar does mean that hamsters should only be given very small amounts, as too much can unfortunately give them diarrhoea.

You should remember that hamsters diet should be balanced and the size of your hamster should dictate how many treats you give them. Syrian hamsters are larger and can have slightly more than their smaller Chinese or dwarf cousins. Always consult with your vet regarding how much food to give your hamster.

Are there any other sweet treats my Hamster can eat?

Melon is not the only sweet treat that your hammie can enjoy, they are also very partial to bananas, popcorn and raisins. Giving your hamster a treat like melon as a reward when training them is a great idea as it can help reinforce positive behaviour. But again you should always remember not to provide them with too much or give too regularly.

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