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Raisins are a delicious and healthy treat that are enjoyed by many people, but did you know that raisins are actually dried grapes? They’re often dried in the sun, which gives them their sweetness and strong flavour.

If you’re a new hamster owner, you may be figuring out what diet to give your little pal and wondering about what foods your hammie can eat. If you’re wondering whether hamsters can have raisins, don’t fear we can help with that!

So, can Hamsters eat Raisins?

In short, the answer is yes! Their sweetness makes them a particular favourite for many hammies’. It is of course ridiculously cute to see them pick up a raisin and start nibbling on the top, with their whiskers dancing and seemingly a big smile on their face.

Are raisins good for Hamsters to eat?

Raisins are a nutritious and tasty treat that are good for hamsters when given in moderation. They are full of iron which is good for healthy blood, and potassium which helps with their heart health. Hamsters will also get a high amount of Vitamin C which is great for their skin and bones whilst helping keep their cells in good order, and a reasonable amount of Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 which are good for their nervous system, alongside healthy skin, eyes and blood.


The small size of a raisin may be deceptive, because they are packed with sugar and consequently calories, this means that hamsters shouldn’t be given too many. The size of your hamster should dictate the amount that you give them, with smaller dwarf or Chinese hamsters receiving less than larger Syrian hamsters. It is always worth consulting your vet regarding exactly how much of any treat your pet should be given and how frequently you should feed them.

Can hamsters eat Grapes?

As we’ve mentioned, raisins are derived from grapes and this means that hamsters can eat grapes. In some pets including dogs, cats and ferrets grapes (and raisins) can be toxic, but this has not been proven to be the case for hamsters.

You should also be careful with portion sizes for grapes, as too much can be bad for your hamster and may result in digestive problems.

Hamsters will often nibble grapes into smaller pieces, which they will consume or store in their cheek pouches for later, however if you hamster is young, old or picky then you may want to cut a grape into small pieces. This will give your pet a helping hand and also reduce the risk of choking.

Best raisins for hamsters on Amazon

Hamsters can either be given raisins on their own or as part of a food mix. If you’re looking for a fantastic blend that includes raisins, our favourite is the Little One Fruit Mix. The mixture also contains pineapple and banana (read more about whether hamsters can eat banana here). This hamster mix comes in a convenient jar and the fruit is dried which means that it lasts a lot longer than fresh fruit.

can hamsters eat raisins

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