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Spinach is a leafy green superfood that is known for being very rich in nutrients and as the food that powered legendary cartoon character Popeye the sailor! This tasty and versatile vegetable is a fantastic food to have in your diet, but it’s not just humans that can benefit from eating tasty spinach, many animals can too.

Can my hamster eat spinach?

If you’ve recently become a hamster owner, you may be working out what is best to feed your new little bundle of fur! Maybe you’re a seasoned hammie owner and you’re looking for something new to add to their diet. You’ll probably be researching what things are good for your hammie and you might be wondering ‘can my hamster eat spinach’? The answer to that is yes!

Is spinach good for hamsters?

Most leafy greens are very good for hamsters and spinach is no exception. Few foods are as beneficial as spinach, this tasty food is packed full of really good vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Vitamin A – helps boost a hammies’ natural defences against infection and illness
  • Vitamin C – keeps skin, bones and cells healthy
  • Vitamin K – helps to strengthen bones and assists in helping any wounds heal
  • Iron – needed for healthy blood
  • Magnesium – helps keep the digestive system healthy

You should always make sure that the spinach you give your hamster is washed and free from any nasty pesticides that may harm them.

How much spinach can I give to my hamster?

Whilst spinach is a fantastically healthy option to give your cuddly companion, you should still be mindful about how much you are providing them. As with any vegetable or fruit, moderation is key and you should supplement your usual hamster feed with spinach and other vegetables. Feeding your hamster too much spinach can lead to digestion problems and diarrhoea.

The quantity of spinach that you give your hamster should be matched to their size, with bigger Syrian hamsters able to have more than their smaller cousins (dwarf, Chinese, Roborovski). Typically 1 raw leaf every so often is going to be a reasonable amount to give, but your vet is best placed to give advice on exactly how much and how often you should feed your hamster.

Where can I get spinach for my hamster?

Spinach is available from almost anywhere that you can buy fruit and vegetables, but we have a regular order in place from Farm Folk Spinach.

It’s also very easy to grow your own healthy green spinach at home. There’s a real satisfaction to seeing your plants grow, knowing your hammie will love the delicious leaves. You can buy packs of seeds like these from Premier Seeds Direct.

can hamsters eat spinach

What other foods can hamsters eat?

Hamsters need a balanced and varied diet that can help with your pets health and wellbeing. Small amounts of fresh vegetables provide a variety of essential nutrients and healthy treats including bananas, popcorn and raisins can help with training.

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