Hamster Toilet

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Yes, you read correctly: Hamster toilets! For you all non-believers out there that think that hamsters are messy animals, we’re here to tell you that couldn’t be further from reality. Hamsters are actually very clean animals and often do their necessities in the opposite corner of their bed, for cleanliness purposes. They’re also very good at the general upkeep of their cages. It is possible to train hamsters to plop their logs in the toilet, by setting them down in the correct place. If you wish to know more about it, we have resources that can help you potty train your hamster.

That being said, after you figure the whole training part out, it isn’t a matter of how but a matter of where. The choice of toilet is crucial so that your fluff ball feels comfortable while unloading and sticks to using their toilet consistently. They come in many different shapes and sizes and styles that tickles the fancy of every fluff ball out there. Some toilets are more like a box, and some toilets are more like a tray, so depending on the behavior and nimbleness of your hamster, you could evaluate different designs to pick the one that best fits your pet.

Emours Hamster Bathroom

A great toilet alternative that suits the needs of the general population of fluff balls is the Emours Hamster Bathroom. This toilet is made of resistant plastic and it comes with its own sifter scoop to help with cleaning. It is resistant to stains and fits most regular cages. The transparency of the lid also allows you to see if your fluff ball’s habits are healthy and lookout for when you need to empty it out. Plus, it also comes in a pack with a bathtub that can be used for sand baths! If you wish you know more about sand baths, you can find information here.

hamster toilet

Corner Hamster Toilet

For the smallest baby fluffs, the HEEPDD Corner Toilet is the best choice. The sturdy plastic provides a smooth surface for the hamsters to climb in there and do their business. The toilet is compact and lightweight and it is made with materials that are not toxic to your pet. It also comes with a poop scoop to scoop the poop out of the booth! This toilet is ideal for hamsters that are smaller and enjoy climbing into small places.

hamster toilet

Digdangbell Triangle Hamster Toilet

Now, do not fret. As there are alternatives in the market for the bigger, wider, chubbier toothy fluff balls. One of the best options for the big ones is the digdangbell Triangle Toilet. This is one of the toilets that instead of being a big box, it is more in the shape of a tray. This big poop tray caters to the need of the chunkier fluffs providing them with all the space and comfort that they need during their act of filth. The elevated corners make it more tidy and the durable, strong plastic makes it last a long time. This poop tray is also designed to keep unpleasant odours at bay and it is resistant to stains. 

hamster bathroom

Cleaning you Hamster Potty and Choosing Hamster Litter

Whichever toilet you and your fluff ball end up picking together, you will also need some toilet littler. This is the material that keeps the wee wee box free of unpleasant smells and helps with the general hygiene of it all. Picking the best litter is important so that your hamster’s toilet remains clean. One of the best alternatives out there is the S&G Potty Litt’a. This marvelous litter is totally safe and helps reduce the frequency on which you have to clean the box by 30%. It’s freshening, long lasting effect helps keep the cages clean. The solid waste is removed daily and the whole litter bit replace every week.

hamster litter

Remember to clean your hamsters cage at least once a week and empty the hamster toilet 2-3 times a week if possible.

If you want to get a hamster toilet and wish to know more about how you should clean their cage, you may be interested in reading our article about cage cleaning

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