Hamster Sand Bath

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If you have had hamsters for a long time, or if you have reads our article entitled ‘Can hamsters swim?’ then you will know that they can swim in the wild if they have to, but you should never make your pet hamster swim or bath him in water. It is stressful for hamsters to be put in water and can cause health problems in your hamster. Hamsters are naturally clean animals. If you want to provide a more natural way for your hamster to have a bath you can get a Hamster sand bath.

Now you don’t have to put a sand bath in the cage for your hamster, but you might choose to. Some of them don’t use it too often but some really like it. Remember that because hamsters are nocturnal they are much likely to use things like their sand bath and wheel at night.

Here are some of our favourite Hamster Sand Baths

Plastic Hamster Bath

This plastic hamster sand bath measures 19 x 11 x 9.5cm. It’s available in three different colours – blue, mint green or pink. You will need to fill it with hamster bathing sand such as Sepolita bathing sand for small animals. The down side to this plastic bath of course, is that it’s not very eco-friendly.

hamster sand bath

Balacoo Ceramic Sand Bath

This ceramic hamster sand bath is so cute! It;s non-toxic, safe and comfortable. It also doubles up as a hamster bed. The style and material of this hamster bath with keep him cool in the summer.

ceramic sand bath

Trixie Turqoise Sand Bath

Another popular option is this Trixie turquoise sand bath. It has two openings so that they can go in one end and out of the other! In fact, most hamster toilets will also serve as sand baths, and so you will see many saying toilet/sand bath for hamster. It depends on where you place it in the cage and what you put on the floor as to how the hamster will use it. Put this in his usual toileting spot with litter in there and it will become his loo. Place it further away from his toileting corner and fill it with bathing sand and it will become his sand bath!

hamster sand bath

Rosewood Naturals Rollin’ Rodent Sand Bath

This natural sand bath is a complete hamster sand bath made from edible board coated in meadow hay, with 350g of special hamster friendly sepiolite bathing sand. They can roll around in the sand for fun and also to keep clean as it absorbs excess oils. And with this one, they can nibble on it safely too! This is our top choice and also is an Amazon’s choice product.

hamster sand bath

Which is the best sand to use in Hamster Sand Baths?

The best sand to use for your hamster’s sand bath is Sepolita bathing sand. This kind of sand is rounded and soft and so it’s a great option for your hamsters fur and skin.

Hamster sand bath sand

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