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Owning pets is a really big responsibility. We are in charge of giving our critters the best quality of life and provide whatever it is that they need to have a healthy and happy life. In the case of hamsters, you can’t simply buy a cage, lay down bedding and throw them in there. For their quality of life and yours, rodents need many more different elements to be present into their homes. Hamsters are mostly self sufficient, but they need you to give them the right tools so that they can build a functional, prosperous home. Today’s blog is all about the best hamster cage accessories and includes links to the best ones that you can buy online.

Best Hamster Cage Accessories to buy on Amazon

The key elements to a hamster’s home encompass items to cover their needs in different ways: cleanliness, comfort, stimulation, nourishment and hydration. This translates into various components that are needed in order to really make their houses a home.

Wooden Hamster House

With that thought, we introduce the first one: A house. Your hamster needs a warm, safe place to cuddle during their slumber so that they feel protected and secure in their cage. The Pet Ting Wooden House is a great alternative to provide your hamster with the safety that they long for and need. Plus, it has a cute little built-in window to make the design even more fashionable! – This little wooden house also has a roof that can be climbed by your fluff ball, so that they can play inside and on top of their house too!

Best Hamster Cage Accessories

Hamster Toilet

Just like us, hamsters have to go potty. It is preferred that they do it in a designated place so that the upkeep of their cage is easier and better. For this reason, products like the Trixie Corner Toilet exist. This little poopy place is made out of plastic for hygienic use and ease to clean and houses the little brown gifts of your fluff balls to you. It comes with a plastic scoop to clean the littler out in a more effective manner. 

best hamster cage accessories

Hamster Sand Bath

Now, hamsters not only have to poop, but they also have to shower. In a rather different form of the human fashion, hamsters do not wash with water but bathe in sand. Like we would in a bath, toothy fluff balls submerged themselves in sand and shake off the excess dirt and oil to clean their fur. The Rosewood Natuals Rollin’ Rodent Sand Bath is a great addition to your hamsters cage and will ensure the cleanliness of your pet. Made from edible board coated in meadow hay, the sand box bath isn’t only functional, but completely edible too. If you’re interested to know more about different options of this product, you can find new alternatives to Hamster Sand Baths here.

Best Hamster Cage Accessories

Hamster Food Bowl

Having covered the hamster’s main necessities, a big element is missing: nutrition. And what better way to stay nourished than to have a full bowl of delicious food at all times. Now, all hamster owners will know that keeping their food tray full is a struggle, as they are really playful with their food and will more often than not turn it over and cause a mess. That is why terrific products like the Top-Spring Cute Hamster Anti-Turning Bowl are such a great addition to your hamster’s cage. This ceramic bowl is smooth, colorful and durable. It is baked twice to withstand the merciless nibble of your toothy fluff ball. This strong, determined bowl comes in three different fruit patterns and defies your hamster’s food tray turning abilities to provide a full plate of food that is mess proof. 

hamster feeding bowl

Hamster Wheel

In order to keep their weight in balance and give them a tool to release stress, your hamster’s home should have an Exercise Wheel. In this case, the POPETPOP Running Wheel is a great alternative, since it is stylish, cool and completely silent. That way, you can give your pet the physical stimulation it needs in order to have a healthy, balanced life without needing to hear the constant squeaky sound of an exercise wheel turning and turning!

hamster wheel

Hamster Water Bottle

After having a powerful session of exercise, your toothy fluff ball will surely need some hydration. Adding a water feeder to their cage is one of the most important elements and it cannot be missed. Hydration is key in order to have a healthy, happy critter.

best hamster cage accessories

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