Hamster Sand

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Hamsters don’t have baths, but they have sand baths – it’s the natural way that they keep clean. 

Hamsters are naturally clean because they do groom themselves quite often. Most of them will be able to keep themselves clean without any help from you. You should never wash a hamster in water, hamsters can easily catch a cold from being washed in water resulting in them dying. Sand baths are an effective way of cleaning your hamster without doing any harm to your four-legged friend. 

Why do you need good Hamster Sand?

Sand baths are specifically made for hamsters and many other small animals. In the wild there are many hamsters who use their environment to clean themselves. For example, the Chinese hamster who originates primarily from the desert, will use the desert sand to clean themselves. Some hamsters also use dirt to clean themselves, ironic right? Sand baths are designed to replicate this natural way of cleaning. Sand is a naturally abrasive substance, the abrasion that is created when a hamster moves in the sand, removes any dirt and other substances on your hamster’s fur. The sand works by absorbing excess oils and moisture on the hamster’s fur, leaving your pet looking and smelling clean. You can buy sand baths online or also most likely from your local pet store. 

If your hamster is in need of a clean, you can place an inch of your sand bath product into a bowl or dish that is sturdy enough and large enough for your hamster to roll around in. Make sure that the bowl is easy enough for them to climb in and out of and make sure it is heavy enough so that it does not flip over. Your bowl should also not be made of easily chewable material. Once the sand bath is ready, place it in your hamster’s enclosure and hopefully your hamster will investigate and begin rolling in it. The only problem that may occur, is that your hamster will not know what to do with it. Most will figure it out for themselves, but there will be cases when a hamster just doesn’t understand or enjoy sand baths. Give them time to hopefully figure it out for themselves, and make sure that they don’t mistake it for a toilet. You should change the sand at least once a week and only allow them to bathe it for 10-20 minutes at a time as if they spend too long in the sand, it can dry out their skin.

There is also a product called ‘dust bath’, you should avoid this product as sand baths and dust baths are very different things. Dust bath products can cause respiratory problems to your hammy due to the smaller sand particles. You should only use products labelled as ‘sand bath’ and make sure that it is for pets. Never try to use alternatives or sand that is sourced from elsewhere as it may cause harm to your pet. Sand such as playground sand is too rough and harsh, you want specific bathing sand for hamsters that is not too sharp and won’t irritate the skin. You want to use hamster dust bath products, as it is different to other sand products, including the sand that is used for your hamster’s toilet. Sepiolite bathing sand is a great option, it is softer and rounder than other products so it is less harsh on your hammy’s fur and skin.

Best Hamster Sand to buy Online

Here are some trusty sand bath products for your hamster:

hamster sand

As sand baths should be, this product is 100% natural and free of bacteria and dust. This Friends Farm Hamster and Chinchilla sand is naturally absorbent in order to absorb any dirt from your furry friend’s fur. 

This sand is also a safe product that will clean your furry friend without any risk of causing health issues. It will also provide fun, as hamsters often enjoy rolling in the sand.

hamster sand

Leaving a shiny and soft coat, this bathing sand is perfect for your pet’s sand bath and it’s easy to use and effective. 

hamster sand

Another natural bathing sand that is perfect for keeping your hammy clean. Just put some in your hamster’s sand bath bowl and watch as it rolls around enjoying its bathing routine.

Hamster Sand Baths

Why not also check out some sand baths that are available on the market?

hamster sand bath

This Rosewood Natural sand bath is a great option as it is eco friendly and edible, it also comes with sepiolite bathing sand, a softer and more effective substance for keeping your hammy clean. Sepiolite is softer and rounder than some other sand bath products, making this product a bargain. 

hamster sand bath

This is a cute sand bath, although it may be slightly small and not provide enough room for your hamster to roll around for cleaning. Although it does look durable and stylish. 

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