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Can you Potty Train a Hamster? Absolutely! And you will be pleased to know that it’s actually quite easy to do so! This is because hamsters usually do it all in one place. Therefore you can simply introduce the litter tray or toilet one day and using it should become second nature to them!

How to Potty Train a Hamster

Basically, they will find a corner of their cage far away from their bed area and go there. So it is simple to train a hamster to use his litter tray or toilet because you basically give him a week or so to get used to doing it in one place on the sawdust and then replace that corner of saw dust with his litter tray or toilet and he will automatically start to use it.

How long will it take?

It can take up to 4 weeks to potty train a hamster, BUT by doing it the way I have just described my hamsters have all cracked it within the week! That was with a litter tray rather than a cover toilet and so a covered toilet may take longer to train them because they actually need to go inside it.

What kind of Hamster Toilet should I use?

As far as hamster toilets go, there are two main types. The one that I have used with my hamsters is a corner litter tray. They are very easy to use and all of my hamsters have figured out that they need to use this when it has been introduced to the correct corner of their cage.

Can you Potty Train a Hamster

However, the litter trays are open and some people think that they are smellier and prefer to go for a closed type of hamster toilet like this….

hamster toilet

These ones are covered up and arguably easier to clean, but they may be more of a challenge to get your hamster using them! Saying that, most will pick it up if you put hamster litter in the bottom combined with some of the dirtier sawdust from before to get the scent there.

How often should I clean out my Hamsters Toilet?

While it is recommended that you clean a hamsters cage out every week, you should empty the toilet more frequently – say an additional once or twice a week between cage cleaning. This will prevent the cage from smelling.

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