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Welcome to hamster happy! Today we are answering the question: ‘Are hamsters nocturnal?’ If you have a pet hamster, it is important that you understand this.

Are Hamsters Nocturnal?

‘Are Hamsters nocturnal?’ I hear you ask. Well yes they are. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures which means that they prefer to wake up and come out at night. This is what they do in the wild. At night time the deserts are cooler and there are less preditors. So if you have a pet hamster and you are wondering why he is not coming out to see you at lunch time or when you come home from school or work, this will be the reason why.

When are Hamsters Awake?

Hamsters are mostly awake from dusk till dawn, That means that they start to wake up when the sun sets and then they are ready to go back to sleep again when the sun comes up. if you are considering a hamster as a pet then this is definitely something to think about. You will need to send time with your hamster late at night or early in the morning.

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When can I wake up my Hamster?

Of course if you have a hamster as a pet you will want to spend time with him or her. You will want to train your hamster for being handled and also maybe to do a few tricks. Part of the fun of owning a hamster is watching him eat, play and go through mazes in tunnels!

But it is important that you do not wake your hamster in the middle of the day. This will disrupt his natural sleeping patter (it’s like someone waking you up at 4am!) He may also be scared and more grumpy when he is tired and this is the time when they are more likely to bite.

If you have a hamster, wait until the sun goes down and then you can start to wake him up gently. Never shove your hand in quickly and grab him out while he is sleeping – this will make your hamster very scared. Try rustling the bedding near your hamster slowly or gently stroking him a few times. Your hamster may stretch and yawn. Only when he has started to wake up and move out of the nest should you attempt to handle him.

Problems with having a Nocturnal Pet

One of the main problems with hamsters being nocturnal is that their burrowing and running activities can keep you up at night, especially if you have your hamster in your bedroom! Mine used to wake me up racing in his wheel! If you are looking for a hamster wheel I’d recommend that you go for a silent hamster wheel if possible. They are a bit more expensive but worth it.

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