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Hamsters are really wonderful animals and these cute little furballs make an ideal first pet for children and adults as they are generally friendly, have lots of character and love to explore their environment, using their adorable whiskers to help them pick out objects. Today’s blog is all about treats for hamsters.

There are various different types of pet hamster, including Syrian hamsters (the most common) which are tame and handled easily, Dwarf hamsters which are smaller, good in groups and a little more difficult to handle and Chinese hamsters which are also small and very friendly.

It is essential to keep your pet hamster both happy and healthy, and an incredibly important part of this is ensuring that they have a well balanced, nutritious diet. Just like humans, hamsters love an occasional treat alongside their usual food. Together with your usual affection and love, treating your pet can actually help with various parts of their development, including; reaching training goals, building trust and getting them used to bonding with you and your family.

The Best Treats For Your Hamster

The types of treats and the quantity that you give your hammie are very important to it’s overall wellbeing. Whether you are an experienced hamster owner or you’ve just welcomed your first little fluffball into your house, distinguishing between varieties of treat is important as many of the goodies that we enjoy can be unhealthy or harmful for your pet.

Hamster treats can be broken down into two main categories:

  • Fresh fruit, vegetables and seeds – these are a wonderful way to introduce foods that hamster may eat in the wild. It is always a good idea to check with your vet or animal healthcare provider to establish exactly which of these your hamster should be eating, but examples that are usually safe include; carrots, apples, spinach, sunflower seeds and romaine lettuce. It is usually best to avoid citrus fruits and rhubarb, whilst fruit and veg with a high water content like grapes and cucumber should only be given in moderation.
  • Pre-made products – these are often mixes of natural ingredients and are sold by a number of different retailers. They are a convenient option and a great way to add something different to your hamsters diet and many include essential vitamins, fats and minerals that they may not get from their usual food.

It is always worth testing out a wide range of nutritious and healthy treats from both of these categories and then putting together a list of what it is that your hamster loves. Below are a few ideas for treats for hamsters that we really like:

Sup-reme Tiny Friends Farm Treat Biscuits

We all love a biscuit right… well it turns out that hamsters do too, although not the same kind as humans! These baked delights contain natural grains, fruit and vegetables that are tasty for your hammie. Did you know that hamster teeth never stop growing (like human fingernails) and they need to keep them short or complications may arise. One of the best ways to help your hamster with this is to provide crunchy treats like these biscuits.

hamster treats

Vitakraft Sun Salad Treat for Dwarf Hamsters

A real treat for dwarf hamsters – this produce mix smells so delicious that you might be quite tempted to try some yourself! The mix contains quite a few treats that dwarf hamsters enjoy, including; peas, carrots and sweet potatoes. Sprinkle some around the tank/cage and let your hamster forage for these goodies all day long.

sun salad hamster treats

Kaytee Healthy Bits Treat

These gorgeous treats are similar to granola bites, with lots of delicious ingredients including nuts, fruit and seeds that are nicely held together with honey. The treats fit perfectly in your hand, so your little friend can sit nicely in your palm and feast to their hearts content!

Kaytee healthy bits treat for hamsters

Vitakraft Yoghurt Drops

These sugar-free delights are the perfect size for your little guys to gnaw on, they’re also very moreish and hamsters can’t seem to get enough! This makes them a great option for training as you can use them to reward your pet when they complete a task that you want them to do. Hamsters can be taught to do simple tricks like standing and rolling, which in turn helps keep them stimulated and stops them from getting bored.

yoghurt hamster treats

Little Friends Assorted Animal Popcorn

Popcorn is another treat that hamsters love just as much as humans! Whilst you may enjoy a bag of sweet or salty popcorn, hamsters need something quite different, without the additives which often go into human popcorn. These are a great option, with a variety of flavours available. You might like to read this article on can hamsters eat Popcorn?

hamster popcorn treats

We hope that you enjoyed our article on treats for hamsters. You might also like to read about hamster cheeks and why they stuff them!

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