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When you think of popcorn, your mind probably starts flying back to your trips to the cinema as a child – reaching your hand into a seemingly giant bag of crunchy, buttery goodness as you watch your favourite story come to life on the big screen! It’s safe to say that popcorn is an especially scrumptious treat for humans, but can hamsters eat popcorn?

Did you know that popcorn is also safe for hamsters to eat? Popcorn is an excellent treat for hamsters. However, as a hammie owner you need to be careful about the type of popcorn that you feed your pet as not all manufactured products can be given to your little friends.

There are many treats that you can give your pet, so you might wonder whether hamsters like popcorn and whilst of course this is based on the preference of each animal, the general answer is yes! It should only be given in moderation as too much can be bad for your pets health, but it is ok to give in small amounts as a treat to reward your hamster for learning something new or to reinforce the bond you have with your little pal. Popcorn is also great for hiding in your hamsters cage or tank, why not try breaking it off into a few pieces and then scatter it around for a fun hammie treasure hunt!

All varieties of hamster can eat popcorn, but you should be careful about how much you give them. Portion size is especially important for dwarf hamsters, who don’t need to eat as much as their larger Syrian cousins.

As well as being a delicious treat, popcorn is a whole grain food that contains a number of nutrients that are beneficial to your hamster, these include; vitamins B1, B3 and B6, Potassium, Iron and Zinc. Popcorn is also quite high in fibre, which is great for your little furball as hamsters need a diet that is high in fibre because it really helps with their digestive health and wellbeing.

If you want to add popcorn to your hamsters’ established diet, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, ensure the popcorn that you are giving your hamster is air-popped and not made with butter. You should also check that the popcorn is free from any nasty additives and doesn’t have added sugar or salt (even though you may love these flavours yourself!)

Below are a few of our favourite hamster popcorn treats. Each has a a variety of different flavours, so your pet has a lot to choose from. It’s worth experimenting with each flavour to see which your hamster prefers… or they might end up loving all of them!

Little Friends Assorted Animal Popcorn

This tasty assortment come in handy bags that keep the natural popcorn fresh. They come in three different flavours; apple, banana and cherry.

Premier Pet Snacks Pet Pops

These delicious snack bags are long lasting and fantastic value for money. Hamsters go crazy for the delicious flavours (also cherry, apple and banana)

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