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Every living thing has to excrete the waste that the body makes upon consuming nourishment. This is a vital function of nature. It is completely natural for the body to produce a bit of waste after all the nutrients have been absorbed and we no longer need the solid matter. That processed matter is always pushed out of our bodies naturally and organically, when we get those stomach turns that send us to the throne. However, things can get a little backed up from time to time, and that is when things get ugly. A similar thing happens to hamsters when their diet is too boring and is not inclusive of the fibers needed to ease the process. Their stool gets hard, their tummies swollen, and from time to time they show physical signs of discomfort when pooping. 

What causes a constipated Hamster?

A dull, boring diet primarily of pet store food could be the cause of constipation for your hamster. In the wild, hamsters are used to eating many different things and that’s what they’re bowels are used to handling. Adding a couple tablespoons of vegetables that are rich in fiber to their daily bowl of food can vastly improve the digestive health of your hamster. Although seeds and nuts are very nutritious, they don’t always sustain a hamster’s overall health just by themselves. Feeding your hamster a balanced diet is key to prevent problems like constipation and nullify the chance of any potential life threatening conditions. It may sound dramatic, yes, but for critters that are so small and so nibbly, it is very important that they expel the extra waste from their bodies as quickly and as soon as possible. Not doing so can result in an issue that could possibly take their lives away.

Another possible cause of constipation in hamsters is poor hydration. Making sure that your toothy fluff always has access to a lot of clean and fresh water is crucial to its health. Hamsters are very active creatures and they enjoy moving and walking around a lot. They require a lot of water to sustain their lifestyle and help them cleanse their little bodies after nibbling and consuming everything in their path. If your hamster has poor hydration, many different aspects of its life may be affected. Other than becoming constipated, they may act sluggish, have low energy and in some cases, lose their appetite.

Constipated Hamster – Could it be a Sign of something more serious?

As simple as it may seem, constipation in hamsters is a serious issue. It is important that every hamster owner knows what to do if this happens. Being watchful and attentive to your toothy’s potty habits is vital for their overall health. A fluff that cannot poop is bad news all around. Their stomachs cannot handle too many days without disoccupying space and their bodies easily go into shock if left untreated. Although constipation can be a mild condition that is easily fixed, it could also indicate worse health issues. Grave matters like worms, intestinal infections and other digestive problems could cause constipation and manifest in that way. If your hamster does not seem to improve after a day of home remedies and measures, please seek the assistance of your vet to ensure the longevity of your pet.

I hope that you found this article on dealing with a constipated hamster useful.

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