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Can hamsters swim? Many pet owners wonder whether their hamsters can swim or not. The short answer is yes they can, but only in the wild and only if they have to – for example in a life or death situation. They do not like it. Being made to swim is very stressful for hamsters and it is not good for their mental or physical well-being. So never try to make your hamster swim or have a bath.

Why should you not get your hamster wet or see if he can swim?

Here are the reasons why you should not get your hamster to swim…

  • They only do it in the wild if they have to – they do not like it
  • It can cause them extreme mental stress
  • It is not good for their physical health – it will strip their body and fur of natural oils that protect them.
  • They may catch diseases from being wet such as Wettail or proliferative ileitis which can lead to death within 72 hours in many cases.
  • There is no need to get your hamster wet or give it a bath because hamsters are naturally clean animals and they will keep themselves clean.

What to Supply to your Hamster instead of a Bath?

Instead of giving your hamster a bath with water in, you can provide a more natural approach for hamsters – a sand bath. Don’t force them to use it, but provide a bath full of sand inside their cage that they can choose to use if they want to. Sometimes they will jump in and swivel around in it!

Hamster Sand Bath – Top Choice

We love this Rosewood Naturals sand bath which is made from edible board that is coated in meadow hay. It comes with special sepiolite bathing sand which is round and soft ands gentle on your hammy’s fur. It’s available on Amazon and is an Amazon’s choice product for hamster baths.

Can Hamsters Swim?

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