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So you’re a first time hamster owner? Congratulations! One of the most important things that you need to know is how to clean a hamster cage. It’s relatively as simple to clean out your hamsters cage. Although it’s not the most pleasant of tasks, you become used to it and you get quicker every time.

How often should you clean a Hamster Cage?

When you have a hamster it is important to clean your hamster out once a week at least. If you leave it longer than a week it will start to smell. It will also become uncomfortable for your hamster. They like to be in a clean environment, Also an unclean cage can lead to a build up of bacteria which is not good for your hamsters health and may cause diseases.

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How to Clean a Hamster Cage – Step by Step

  1. Safely remove your hamster and put him somewhere secure during the clean out. For example, if he has a hamster ball he can g in that and run around while his cage is being cleaned.
  2. Completely empty everything out! Yep – you need to remove EVERYTHING from the cage and clean it. You will need to remove the whole of the cage from the base to do this – usually with most cages the cage just clips off. Bin all of the old sawdust, litter and bedding (plus any bits of leftover food – he can have new – but usually its in their cheeks anyway!)
  3. Wash everything – he bed and toilet, plus his empty cage will all need a good wash. There is no need for any harsh chemicals, just water will be fine. If you want to spray the cage with something but don’t want to harm your hammy with chemicals I would recommend buying a cage and hutch cleaner. Then you know that what you are using is safe and unharmful to your pet. His food bowl and water bottle can be cleaned out with just water and that will be fine.

How to Clean a Hamster Cage

4. Replace his sawdust, bedding and litterOnce the cage and accessories are all clean and dry it’s time to replenish with lovely clean sawdust, bedding and litter. You will cover the whole of the bottom of the cage in sawdust to give him a good clean base to run around on. You can fill his toilet or litter tray with either sawdust or proper hamster litter. Put nice new clean bedding in his bed for him (we like Nobby hamster wadding)

Nobby hamster bedding

5. Replenish Food and Drink and replace everything! Finally, you can fill up his water bottle and re-attach it to the cage (bottles are much better for hamsters than bowls of water as they flip those!). Fill up his food supply with his favourite hamster mix and then replace everything else including his bed, toilet and toys/accessories.

how to clean a hamster cage

Remember that this needs to be done regularly in order to keep your hamster happy!

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