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Hi there, my name is Amy and I have owned several hamster during my lifetime including a few different breeds. My blog is, as the name suggests, all about how to make your hamster happy. The essentials that you need to make your hamster happy are a good environment, healthy diet, fresh water, exercise, regular cleaning out and enrichment. Hamster enrichment is all about stimulating them using puzzles, mazes and toys.

Good Cage or Environment

As far as cages go, the bigger the better, and you need somewhere safe and secure to put it. If your budget can stretch to it get one with more than one level and a few tunnels such as Hamster Heaven. Also make sure that your hamster cage is appropriate for the breed. For example, some small hamsters such as Russian dwarfs can fit through some bars and so consider whether a glass cage or more sturdy habitat is better.

You also need to make sure that you clean out your hamsters cage at least once a week and possibly more if you have more than one hamster. Here is our step by step guide on how to clean a hamster cage.

Healthy Diet

Choose some good hamster pellets or hamster mix for food and you can treat them with things like sunflowers and currents. Oh and don’t be surprised if they stuff their food into their hamster cheeks! They are storing it in their cheek pouches for later!

Fresh Water

Always make sure that fresh water is available for your hamster and check this on a daily basis. As hamsters have a tendency to flip bowls over it is better to go for a feeding bottle that clips on the side of the cage.


Take your hamster out of the cage regularly from a young age so that it gets used to being handled. You can then make sure that it gets exercise through hamster balls and mazes and also through interacting with you. They love to climb along arms! You can put a silent hamster wheel in the cage so that they can exercise at night. Note I mention silent – hamsters are nocturnal creatures and will keep you up all night if they have a noisy wheel!

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