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What do you use in your hamster toilet? Sawdust? Or proper hamster litter? Today’s blog is all about hamster litter and the benefits of it. But first of all, do you really need hamster litter?

Do you really need Hamster Litter?

The answer to ‘do you really NEED hamster litter?’ is actually no. It’s more of a luxury than a necessity. That’s because if you are on a strict budget you can simply use the sawdust that you line the cage with for the hamster toilet. When I was limited by my parents funds I used sawdust in Benji’s hamster toilet.

BUT, there are advantages to using proper litter and now I have more funds to spend as I earn my own money, I always buy proper hamster litter.

Look for a dust free litter so that it cannot harm your hammies respiratory tract. Remember, don’t use cat litter, you need to purchase one particularly formulated for hamsters.

What are the Benefits to Hamster Litter?

The main benefit of using litter instead of sawdust is that it is absorbent and minimises smell. It will make cleaning simpler and easier. If you can afford proper litter then I would recommend it for these reasons. It’s a good idea to remove soiled litter daily and also completely replace it on a weekly basis to keep cages clean and smelling fresh. You can read more about hamster cage cleaning here.

In summary, the benefits of using litter for your hamster are:

  • Absorbent and minimises smell
  • Safe and Hygienic
  • Reduces cleaning

Is it easy to train your Hamster to use Litter?

It is easy to train your pet to wee and poop on the hamster litter – simply mix a little of already soiled sawdust with the litter and place where your pet frequently uses for toileting. You can also read more here: Can you potty train a hamster?

Which Hamster Litter should I buy?

There are some great small animal litter products available to buy on Amazon. Here are some of the best….

Potty Litt’a’

My favourite brand is Potty Litt’a’ – it’s 100% natural and the freshest that you can choose for your hamster or gerbil.

Hamster litter

  • Totally safe and hygeinic litter that reduces cleaning by up to 30%
  • Odour free
  • Good well known brand

Kaytee Potty Litter

Kaytee Potty Litter is another excellent choice. They are manufacturers of the Kaytee Hamster cages.

  • Deodorising for your hamste’s potty
  • Dust free natural bentonite litter
  • Specially formulated and hypo-allergenic
  • Comes in an easy-pour bag

Back to Nature

This Back to Nature small animal litter is another good option if you are looking for a dust free paper litter.

back to nature animal litter

  • 99% dust free – No dust to breath in or get in your hamster’s ears, eyes or respiratory tract.
  • Suitable for all Small Animals (from the smallest Mouse to the largest Rabbits), Birds and Reptiles.
  • Softened and flattened paper pellets that are clinically clean.
  • Excellent absorbency with odour control.

Wood Litter

If you are looking for something 100% natural then go for this wood litter. It is completely chemical free.

  • 100% natural
  • Absorbs and eliminates smells
  • Without chemicals

Hamster Toilets

If you are looking for a decent hamster toilet, you can either go for a corner litter tray, or a little hamster toilet that they can go inside to do their business! Here is our favourite hamster toilet:

hamster toilet

Keeping your hamster clean is an important part of keeping your hamster happy. We hope that you have found this blog helpful. You can read more of our articles on hamster care here, Hamster Breeding and How long are Hamsters Pregnant?

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