Zoozone Hamster Cage

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Zoozone do a great plastic hamster habitat that is roomy and good value. A Zoozone hamster cage has acrylic side but bars across the top. You can buy them online for a price tag somewhere between £50-£80.

WHat Hamster types is the Zoozone Habitat Suitable for?

It’s suitable for all hamster types. However, you will need to check if you have a particularly small hamster such as a Syrian or Russian hamster that it cannot fit through the bars at the top. If this is a concern, you can always cover the top bars with mesh for extra security.

Benefits of the Zoozone Hamster Cage

Zoozone hamster cages are easy to clean out because the base clips off easily. The Zoozone hamster cage design has a hay compartment on the right hand side, so it’s great if your hammy likes hay.

  • Non-Toxic Acrylic sides
  • Clip off base for easy cleaning
  • Good value for Money
  • Easy reach in with clipping top entrance
  • In-built feeding dish and hay store
  • Available in different colours (pink and blue)
  • Different sizes available – medium and large make great permanent homes
  • Water Bottle holder (does not come with water bottle itself)

Zoozone Large Hamster Cage

The size of the Zoozone Large Hamster cage is 101 x 51 x 22cm and it weighs 5.88 Kilograms. This is plenty big enough for a hamster habitat. It also is advertised as being suitable for guinea pigs and rabbits, but I would still prefer slightly larger cages for those animals if possible.

Zoozone Hamster cage

Zoozone Medium Hamster Cage

This is the medium Zoozone Hamster Cage which comes in pink and blue. It measures 72 x 46 x 20 cm which is slighter smaller and only really suitable for dwarf hamsters really. If you can stretch to it, go for the large, unless you want to use it as a temporary hamster cage for transportation. This one weighs 8.6 Kilograms which is also slightly heavier than the large.

Zoozone hamster cages

Overall Verdict

We found good reviews of these cages on Amazon, but some people are reporting that they can get cracked in the post, so check your delivery thoroughly before accepting it. We also felt that the cages were too small for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets as mentioned, and we don’t think that they are really bog enough to be advertised for these animals. Some might say they are not even big enough for rats because for a rat it would need to be deeper. Those are the only downsides, and overall we really like these cages for hamsters.

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