Kaytee Hamster Cage

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Kaytee is a wonderful brand based on Chilton, Wisconsin, born from love for small animals. They are great caters to the needs of critters and birds and strongly believe in products that are high quality and fun. They offer a wide variety of services and products that cover many aspects of their care; ranging from all kinds of food to different options of bedding, to hay and many others. They really believe that they can provide all owners with tools that will improve their pet’s lives, comfort and security, therefore affecting their overall happiness in a positive manner. Their cages and habitats are brilliantly crafted and they are designed to encourage the interaction and fun in order to promote and strengthen the bond between pets and their owners. 

We firmly believe that the Kaytee Brand Hamster Cages are one of the better options available for fluff ball owners worldwide. All their habitats can be connected to different products offered by their brand to expand the world of the little critters and make it more fun and interactive.

Kaytee CritterTrail Super Habitat

One of the best cages for that is the Kaytee CritterTrail Super Habitat.

Kaytee Hamster Cage

This cage is a perfect clean slate that is spacious and wide, giving your toothy fluff lots of room to roam around and explore. This 540 square inch space includes a shelf, a ramp, a bubble plug and a port door. The cage is easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes, too.

Kaytee Brand Lazy Look-out Kit Accessory

A great item to use together with the CritterTrail Super Habitat is the Kaytee Brand Lazy Look-Out Kit Accessory. The assorted tubes are a perfect expansion to an otherwise plain home, giving your hamster more room to climb and explore. Little critters love tunnels that they can go through, and with this accessory they will feel safe around the tight, close walls of the look-out bubble at the top! These tunnels are made of non-toxic plastic and can connect to different pieces offered by Kaytee to make a more intricate design of above ground tunnels with a look-out at the end!

Kaytee Hamster Cage accessory

Kaytee Critter Trail 2

Now, Kaytee does not only carry big cages like the Super Habitat. They also provide smaller cages with all kinds of fun, quirky designed that fit the different lifestyles of fluffy critters. The Kaytee Critter Trail-2 is a two level habitat strictly made for the tiniest toothy fluffs. The wire around their living space is reduced to 6mm to provide them with the highest level of security. This cage is compatible with many other accessories to expand the times of fun, but already includes many features of dynamic interaction for your hamster. Inside this tiny home you will find a water bottle, a food dish and an exercise wheel, covering all your fluff’s basic needs.

kaytee Critter trail 2

Kaytee CritterTrail LED Light Changing Habitat

One of the most fun cages in the market is the Kaytee CritterTrail LED Light Changing Habitat. This colorful home combines the magic ambiance of LED Lights with a comfortable, functional space for your toothy fluff. With 5 color settings, the changing of lights provide a world of fun for both pet and owner! The lights are completely safe for hamsters, too. This fun home includes a food dish, a water bottle and an exercise wheel and it is compatible with expansion pieces of the Kaytee brand too. If you want a fun, unique cage for your critter, this is the one for you!

Kaytee Hamster habitat

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