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As a hamster owner, you will know that amongst the most vital things you can do for your pet is to provide them with a secure and enriching environment to live in. Purchasing a suitable habitat for them to live in is therefore absolutely essential, but not every cage or tank will work for your little hammie.

Savic hamster plaza

Whether you are just about to get your first hammie and you are trying to find the best home for them or you are an experienced owner looking to upgrade from an existing cage, we know that it can be really tough choosing one. We understand that there are a lot of options available, so we have taken a look across the range of cages that are on sale and one of our favourites is the Savic Hamster Plaza.

Best features of the Savic Hamster Plaza

This wonderful cage has a number of great features that we think you and your hamster will love.

The Savic Hamster Plaza is a spacious cage that provides lots of room for your hammie to run around, which they will really enjoy. This cage comes with a sturdy base that is high enough to hold a good amount of bedding material (such as Aspen bedding) for your hamster to burrow, without kicking out too much material which is a pain for you to clean up. There is also an airy upper section with secure wires to keep your hamster safe inside their home. The environment includes two levels, with the higher level reached via a strong ladder.

Included with the cage is a number of accessories including a little home for sleeping and a hamster wheel that allows your pet to get some crucial exercise.

Benefits of using this habitat

There are a lot of things that we love about this cage, but these are a few of the biggest benefits;

  • Value for money – this cage isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it does represent extremely good value for money because it is a much larger environment than some of the less expensive cages that are available. The Savic Hamster Plaza also comes with accessories included, where many cages do not.
  • Easy to assemble – this cage is easy to put together, with the upper section slotting easily on to the lower section.
  • Perfect size – measuring 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm, the cage is a good size for keeping hamsters. All varieties of hamster should be comfortable in this cage, including Syrian, Chinese and Roborovski dwarf hamsters.
  • Well ventilated – the wire spacing of the upper section of this cage allows for good ventilation, which helps to keep your hamster healthy.
  • Large front door – a major benefit of this environment is the large door opening at the front of the cage, which allows you to easily interact with and pick up your hamster. The large door also allows for easier cleaning of your pets cage.
  • Accessories are included – as we’ve mentioned, this cage comes with a number of included accessories.

Where can I buy the Savic Hamster Plaza?

This fantastic hamster cage can be bought from Amazon here.

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