Hamster Angora

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The Angora Hamsters aren’t a pure breed, but a variation of one. They fall under the category of Syrian Hamsters, also known as Golden Hamsters, given the color of their fur. Angora is a term commonly used when referring to rabbits, but it is used too in hamster terminology to describe these little golden balls of fluff. Angora merely means long coat, as it is the main characteristic of this hamster. The length of its coats is what truly differentiates it from common hamsters that look similar, but have a shorter coat. These common hamsters are also known as Teddy Bear Hamsters, sometimes called “fancy” hamsters. 

The Teddy Bear Hamsters, however, are far more common than their Angoran variation. The latter is actually rather difficult to find and considerately rare. The main characteristic of their breed is the long, silky fur that is tinted four different colors, depending on the genes of the fluff. Angoran Hamsters usually like living in solitude. This is one of the reasons why the variation is so rare in nature. Most if not all Angoran Hamsters that currently exist in the world have been bred by humans through controlled habitat encounters. Their stubborn nature shows when left alone with other hamsters, since they are prone to fighting and biting and getting wild.

Angoran Hamsters are a coveted breed variation. They are very uncommon and require a lot of special care and upkeep. They are praised for their long coats and admired in all sorts of competitions. The male hamsters have a higher density and longer length of coat than the females and it can grow up to 7.5 centimeters in length. Because this rare variation of the Syrian Hamster has that long, silky hair, it demands some special care. In order to keep their coat healthy, the Angoran Hamster needs to be brushed every now and then. A brush made with natural bristles is recommended in order to treat them with the gentleness that they require. You should never hold an Angoran Hamster by its hair and be careful about any pulling when brushing its hair. 

With great beauty, comes great responsibility – And the Angoran Hamster is no exception to this rule. It is important to know that due to the length of their fur, there are common hamster items that you should keep away from the Angoran variation. Things like a Hamster Wheel are an absolute no-no, since they can get their fur tangled and pulled. It is recommended that you find other alternatives to exercising accessories for these fluffs so that they can get their workout in without it being harmful to their health.

There is no doubt that the Angoran variation or Syrian Hamsters are one of the breeds that require most effort and attention to detail. Although they share things with other hamsters like their eating habits, general behaviour, endless curiosity and active lifestyle; they are also uniquely themselves. Owning an Angoran Hamster takes a lot more special care due to their long coats. Definitely much more than the common hamster requires. That being said, Angoran Hamsters are terrific pets. Absolutely adorable to look at and a charm to observe! 

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