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The Savic Geneva Syrian hamster cage is a very popular hamster cage. It has nearly everything a hamster could want, and it is very spacious so you could have more than one Campbell dwarf hamster in this cage if you so wished (this cage does not have to be for Syrians). Remember that you should not purchase more than one Syrian hamster because they prefer to be alone rather than in pairs. If you do purchase more than one and keep them in the same cage, they may fight with one another and injury each other! So please avoid this.

Savic Geneva Hamster Cage

In regard to which cages to purchase for your new hamster here are the pros and cons of the Savic Geneva Syrian Hamster cage:

Savic has some great hamster cages and ones that aim to fit the needs of every hamster. 


  • Has metal gridding for climbing
  • It has a modern design and is 2 stories
  • It has everything you need-the Geneva comes with quality Savic accessories including a water bottle, feeding bowl, exercise wheel, and a ladder. This means that you don’t need to worry about buying the extras.
  • The see through tank means you can see your hamster at all times. The tank slides in and out of the frame so you can access your hamster easily.
  • The cage provides easy access. The Geneva cage features a large door on top that allows convenient access into the top part of the cage. The ladder can be folded up to close off the top and bottom parts of the cage.
  • The exercise wheel is quiet so there is minimal squeaking. 
  • The cage is easy to clean


  • Not a colourful cage the plastic is a dull grey colour
  • The wheel may be a bit small for Syrian hamsters although it states it is for those types of hamsters.
  • The price is quite expensive at £52.50
  • The plastic means they cannot climb as high on the grides but there are metal grides on the top half of the cage so your hamster can still file their teeth and climb just not as high.

Overall, for the money, this cage offers everything you will need for your hamster. You may want to purchase extra toys such as chew toys and treats as this can keep things interesting for your hamster.

I would suggest wooden chew toys that have some sort of flavour that your hamster will be drawn to. This will ensure your hamster’s teeth are a nice length and healthy. A great place to pick up a toy for your hamster is at Pets at Home, Amazon, and even eBay have 2nd hand tunnels and toys you can add to your cage. Just make sure to clean any second-hand toys you get so that your hamster stays safe.

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