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Syrian hamsters are one of the most popular pets, and for good reason! These wonderfully cute animals are normally tame, clean and easy to handle. As their name suggests, this variety of hamster originates from Syria and surrounding countries of the Middle East.

These beautiful bundles of joy usually make great first pets, with children able to learn about responsibility by looking after their own hamster.

Are Syrian hamsters different to other hamsters?

These aren’t the only breed of hamster that you can own as pets, their cousins include smaller Chinese and dwarf Roborovski hamsters. Each type of hammie has it’s own specific requirements and Syrian hamsters have a few notable differences to other breeds, these include:

  • Size – Syrian hamsters are normally around 13cm in length, which is notably larger than other hamster breeds.
  • Sociability – Unlike other types of hammie or small rodents, Syrian hamsters’ are solitary creatures who don’t do well when housed together.
  • Habitat requirements – Syrian hamsters are quite active and require a large enclosure that gives them space to move around.

What should you look for in a Syrian hamster cage

The cage that you buy your Syrian hamster will be their main environment, so should provide enough space and enrichment to keep them happy and healthy. It is very important that the cage you buy isn’t too small as this will lead to stress and pain for your hammie. It is possible to buy a number of different types of cages, with some comprising a more standard looking one-piece cage, others are a network of smaller cages that link up into a larger overall environment, and there are also enclosures which have a cage on top of a glass tank. All provide different benefits, but overall the golden rule is that you should look to get a cage that is as big as possible for the space you have.

What are the best Syrian hamster cages?

There is a huge selection of cages available for your Syrian hamster, below are a few of our favourites:

Rosewood Pico XL Hamster Cage

50cm x 36cm x 47cm

This multi-layered cage give your hammie lots of room to explore with ramps between each floor. There is even a separate sleeping compartment at the top. The materials used are strong and the cage comes with a drinking bottle, food bowl and exercise wheel.

Syrian Hamster Cages

Ferplast Three-Storey Hamster Cage

55cm x 37.5cm x 47cm

Another cage with multiple levels, this one from Ferplast is mostly made from plastic, with smaller barred areas for ventilation. The cage is really roomy, with lots of room for toys and space for your hammie to run around. The tunnel sections of this cage can be used to connect with other enclosures. The different parts of the cage easily clip and unclip, making it very easy to clean.

Little Friends Savoy Cage

58.5cm x 38cm x 47.5cm

This perfectly designed cage features two different layers, with a glass bottom and a cage top. This design gives you full visibility as your hammies nest and feed on one layer, and have fun playing in the bottom layer. The deep glass base also provides a huge advantage in terms of keeping your home clean as it’s much more difficult for your pet to kick out bedding material all over your floor!

Little friends Savoy Cage

Savic Hamster Sky Navy Blue Hamster Cage

80cm x 50cm x 50cm

The biggest cage from our selection, it’s perfect for larger Syrian hamsters. This habitat will give your little friend almost endless opportunities for running around and having fun, with lots of space for plenty of toys. This habitat is great value as it comes with a hanging house, water bottle, tunnels and more.

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