5 Things you need for a Hamster

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Hamsters are simple creatures. They surely give you a lot of reward with little to no risk. Unlike other pets, they aren’t too overly complicated, and there is no need to break the bank in order to have a well taken care of toothy fluff. They are noble creatures and they will accommodate any space that you set them in and be their little cute selves. They don’t really need much in order to be happy and healthy, although there are a couple of things that are absolutely essential. Providing them with these five things will ensure the well being and overall happiness of your hamster!

1. Habitat

A hamster’s cage is a very important element. To you, it may seem like a simple little box, but to them, their cage is their whole world. There are many options of hamster cages and habitats available in the market. Different sizes, different price points, different purposes and even different looks. Getting a hamster cage shouldn’t be a difficult process, since most of them cater to the needs of every type of hamster. Most hamster breeds appreciate a bigger, more spacious cage, but the smaller breeds of hamster prefer smaller environments with narrow bars and different hiding spots. Although it sounds great to have a little toothy fluff running around the house completely loose, it is not safe for them to just roam and explore the outside world, and that is why they have to be kept in their own little habitat. 

2. Bedding

We give the name of “bedding” to the material that covers the entire floor of the hamster’s cage. Some people make the huge mistake of making their hamster’s bedding out of ripped newspapers thinking that it is totally fine, but this is very far from true. Shredded newspaper could contain ink that is toxic to hamsters. The residual ink sticks to their little paws and this is a potential factor of illness. When it comes to hamster bedding, the best thing is to take the natural route. Paper bedding is a great choice that every hamster will be happy with. There are also other options like Timothy Hay and Wool. You should never make your hamster’s bedding out of newspaper or other toxic materials like sawdust because they are detrimental to their health. If you’re interested in being environmentally friendly, you could consider making your own hamster bedding

3. Food Bowl

A little obvious. Every living thing needs nutrients to survive. Hamsters are no different than other animals. They need their fair dose of food in order to be healthy and live as long as they can. Now, there are actually many different types of food bowls for hamsters. There are some traditional choices, nothing too out of the ordinary, and there are some novelty bowls too. There’s even food bowls that are designed to be sturdy and never allow your hamster to flip them over, avoiding all kinds of messes. Whichever food bowl you choose, your hamster needs a bowl big enough to hold the proper amount of feed, depending on how many toothy fluffs you want or already have. Make sure you get a bowl that suits the needs of your hamster(s). 

4. Water Bottle

Hamsters have to be hydrated. They are very active creatures that love to run around and explore. Their little systems can’t survive for long without the proper amount of fresh, clean water to drink. Most hamsters have the instinct to seek water from regular water bottle cage attachments, but some hamsters have a little trouble drinking from a bottle. If your hamster is one of those, consider getting them a water bowl. No matter how you do it, always make sure your hamster has lots of clean water available to them at all times. 

5. Exercise Accessories

Exercise is a vital part of a hamster’s life. They love to exercise and they actually need it to remain healthy. No matter what breed, all hamsters love to explore, walk around, and constantly interact with the environment around them. The most traditional exercise accessory is the exercise wheel. Simple, and straight forward, but very effective nonetheless. There are many different accessories that can help your hamster stay active and burn off all that excess energy. You should always include one of them in a hamster’s cage, no exceptions.

If you’re still pondering about getting a Hamster and want to know more about owning one, you might be interested in learning about how much they cost.

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